Weekend in the Yard

I didn't make plans to go and do anything special this weekend. I had plans to mow my yard and my parent's yard. But when I got home from work on Friday, my Daddy was already mowing theirs. When he got done, I got my yard done to. With all the rain we've had lately, I could  have baled it! For the record...I HATE Bahia Grass! I took a shower and headed to the local Watering Hole (actually, that's its name) for a little liquid refreshment and then back to the house to have the steaks that I got Daddy for his birthday. A big, full, beautiful moon came up. Cell phone cameras just never do it justice. 

Saturday morning, after coffee, I picked up one of my Gal Pals and we headed to Buffalo to check out Bobo's Nursery. Even in mid-summer, they had nice healthy plants and great prices. I came home with a Hummingbird Bush (Hamelia patens), Cigar Plant (Cuphea), Mexican Heather, a couple of Moss Rosses and a fully-blooming pink Penta for my Mama. They do carry more native plants, but it is mid-summer and the supply is a little low on those. I need to check them out earlier in the Spring.  They also carry pottery and metal art items. We saw a whole family of Sasquatch there! 

We asked them where their favorite local places are to eat. They gave us a couple options and of course, we chose Mexican food! El Corral Mexican Restaurant had good food and good tea. Several patrons had a pink/reddish margarita that looked wonderful, but since I was driving...Sweet Tea always works. They even brought out individual bowls of salsa. Double-dip to your heart's content. 

We then hit up Woody's Smokehouse on the southbound side of I-45 in Centerville. I haven't been there in a while and I typically hit the northbound side. If you can put it in a jar, they probably have it. Seasonings, rubs, dressings, jellies, marinated veggies of all kinds, cobbler and more. They have a nice meat market with cuts of meat, summer sausage, sausage, jerky, etc. Beef, pork, venison, elk and buffalo too. They do sell kolaches. The cream cheese ones looked good, but since we just ate, I skipped those. They have quite a few bathroom stalls and they were clean. There's also non-edible goodies too. Towels, decor, Brumate drinkware and beverage holders. Woody's was like the pre-Buc-ee's of I-45 in that area. They even have Beaver Nuggets (with a different name, of course). You can get barbeque or deli items to eat and there are tables inside. It's a nice alternative and definitely less crowded that the larger, more populate counterpart. 

Then we headed down Hwy 7 to Marquez (pronounced Mar-kay for you non-Texan folks) and went to check out my cousins' hardware store there. D&D Hardware carries most things you'll need for home, farm and ranch. Their plan is add more western wear and other things as well. I didn't need anything specific, but I came home with a few things. They had their plants (mostly veggies) on sale for 75% off. More plants made the trip back home!  

When we got almost to turnoff to my friend's house, we ALMOST  traded paint with a little car whose driver was not paying attention. He tried merging right into us and missed us by mere INCHES. If I wouldn't have swerved into the large shoulder, it would have been bad. I drive a Crew Cab Chevy Silverado. I'm not hard to miss! Thanks to our guardian angels for keeping us safe!

Sunday, I spent time in the yard in the morning. I put a couple of the plants in the ground and potted one up in a hanging basket. There are a lot of Purple Martins in the yard and filling up my Martin house. I love their sound AND the fact that they eat a ton of mosquitoes and other pests! I love being out in the yard. 

I pulled some weeds. Crabgrass is another PITA weed, but for the most part, it's not too hard to pull out if you can get it at the base of the plant. I watered some of the plants still in pots and some of the newly planted ones in the yard. I have a policy with most of my plants in the ground. I'll get them started and then they are on their own. They can grow or go in the compost pile. Their choice. 

I have always had trouble getting certain plants to ever take hold and I have tried multiple times with each. Mexican Bush Sage, Plumbago and Purple Coneflower. Most chose poorly. But as of right now, I have all three growing in the yard and two  the the three have flowers on them! These have chosen wisely. 😁

I filled the bird baths, seed feeders and hummingbird feeders. I have had a few hummingbirds here and there throughout the summer, but it's about time for them to be coming back through and filling up before they make the long flight across the Gulf for winter. Those tiny little flying jewels amaze me, they truly do. I also have several plants in the yard that serve as natural fuel for them as well. The sages and Flame Acanthus are putting out a buffet right now. 

This yard has been 17 years in the making and it's coming along nicely. It was just a scraped dirt lot in 2004 and I now have several trees that cast decent shade. I have plants for wildlife and my enjoyment and I tend to the Texas natives. It's just better for all of us. I have 3 areas that I like to sit in and enjoy the yard including the back porch. 

The frogs and crickets reward me in the evenings with their serenades. The birds sing their songs all day, but mostly in the mornings and evenings. I have a few geckos that help with the bug population as well. I can definitely do without the high-pitched sound of the 'skeeters and their accompanying bites. Some of the birds have "planted" a few things along the fence line that I have allowed to continue growing. I have a Gum Bumelia tree and a couple of "Toothache" or Hercules Club trees coming up. The yard is one of my favorite places to relax when I'm not out camping near water somewhere.  

Camping at Rocky Creek Park

This was a nice park and had lots of Spanish Moss hanging on the trees. Site 144 was great! Plenty of room around it and space between the neighbors. I had a perfect view of the sunset.  The shoreline here has a few rows of concrete bricks with room for grass to grow in between. Past that, the lake bottom is nice. If the water goes down some more, the blocks will be out of the water. The park has lots of deer that roam around at all times of the day and there were a few fawns at this time of year. I would definitely come back to this section again. 
South Shore
10550 Rocky Creek Park Rd., Burton, TX 77835

July 16-18 - 2 Nights
Type of Park: COE
Check In: 3p    Check Out: 2p

Site #144 - Back-In

πŸ’²28 per night
• Water
• 20/30/50 amp - pedestal looks pretty new
• Grill - good condition
• Fire Ring with flip over grate
• Metal mesh picnic table with cover, far enough away so awnings came out fully
• Site Pad: Level, crushed granite. Slopes up at the roadside.

πŸ‘πŸ» Pros:

• On the shore of the lake facing west
• Trees for some shade
• Covered picnic table
• Close to restrooms/showers
• Plenty of room between sites
• This site is aligned perfectly. Sit at the picnic table and watch the sun go down between the trees
• Extra parking area across from site (mostly unused and starting to grow up)

πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Cons:

• No sewer hookups
• Site slopes off steep on edge of site. Watch small children
• Some of the trees around the site have been cut down. They still show on Google maps though.
  • Watch for ants

πŸ“ Park Notes: 

• Gates closed and locked from 10p to 6p - can get out, but not back in
• 2 Dump Stations - the one closest to the entry gate has you facing into the park
• Restrooms / Showers
• Playground
• 3 miles of Nature Trails
• Boat ramp is closed - under reconstruction
• Group shelter for rent
• Lots of dumpsters throughout the park
• Sites on the east side of this loop are closer together
• 60s-90s loop was pretty full
• There are Munzees and a Geocache here

🐦 Wildlife:

• Birds: Cardinals, Mockingbirds, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets
• Quite a few deer

🚘 47 miles round trip - 9.1 mph  


This was a beautiful spot. It was perfectly aligned so that you can see the sunset from the picnic table in between the trees. The trees around the site were draped in Spanish Moss and it gave me the feeling of being in Louisiana. Deer were plentiful and there were several fawns around although they were hidden in the grass most of the time. I went out to Wild Bill's to get something to eat because I wasn't in the mood for sandwich stuff. This is a neat little convenience store/grill/bar. The countertops and support posts are cedar. The beer is cold and the burgers were fresh. The hand cut fries were tasty. I went back to the campsite and watch a gorgeous sunset. The sun just dropped and faded so I watched it until there was nothing left. I made a fire and watched it for a while. Yes, it was 82° at 9:30 pm, but who cares? That's one of my favorite camping activities.


My neighbors were pulling out early and left firewood for me. It was good split wood too. Score! I made my coffee. Had to bring out The Mug since this is the Same Trailer, Different Park. The water was so calm this morning. I would have been perfect for kayaking or even a paddleboard. My friend showed up and I made us breakfast tacos and then ran a couple errands while he fished. Mama & Daddy came out in the early afternoon. We made a fire and did the steaks and baked potatoes on the grate. 

Daddy brought his drone and got some aerial shots for a new perspective. After they left, I aired up my River Tube and floated for a little bit while I watched the sun go down. I need a little anchor so I can just float in one spot. The catfish were coming to the surface after the minnows. I didn't get my tackle out though. Made another fire and watched it for a while. Took a shower to wash of the humidity, lake water and smoke. There are restrooms and showers nearby, but I just used the one in the camper since I was leaving the next day and had plenty of tank capacity. No need to drag everything out.


The deer were grazing near the site and didn't even look up when boats came around. I made bacon, eggs and cheese grits for breakfast. I got my new Posse Pioneer shirt from RV Texas Y'all and this was a perfect time to wear it. I found a Geocache on one of the trails in the park. Haven't done one of those in a while since I mostly concentrate on Munzee. I got on the tube and floated for a little while to catch a little sun. Then it was time start the teardown processes. I've kind of got it down to a science, but I still refer to my lists to make sure I haven't forgotten things. I do a couple of "final" walk-arounds both inside and out to be sure. I remembered to turn off the hot water heater switch this time. 

After I hitched up, I headed to the nearest dump station (which is headed out in the right direction). When I got there, I was 4th in line. This ain't the line to Disney World, kids! Had time to briefly visit with the couple who came in 5th. Watched some of the deer and a fawn while I waited. I would prefer full hookups, but I'd be glad to come back to this park. This was a last-minute trip and I'm glad it all worked out. 

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Independence Day Weekend 2021

Big Creek Marina & Campground, Lake Somerville

Had a lovely weekend camping with friends and relatives. The lake is still up just a bit and we had off and on showers, but we made the most of it. We ate good and were able to relax. Big Creek Park did not have their own fireworks display this year, but we had a great vantage point for the displays at Welch Park. Due to the rains, I don't think the temps even got up to 90°, but the humidity felt like it. 

North Shore, Park Road 4

July 2-5, 2021 - 3 Nights
Type of Park: Private-owned
Check In: 4p    Check Out: 3p

Site #54 - Back-In

πŸ’²35 per night ($105 total)
  • Water
  • 20/30/50 amp
  • Picnic Table on concrete slab
  • Close to restrooms/showers

πŸ‘πŸ» Pros:

  • No trees to avoid
  • Good area for camping in groups
  • Right on the shore of the Lake
  • Good swimming areas
  • Restrooms/showers nearby

πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Cons:

  • No shade
  • No fire ring
  • This loop's sites are closer together and seems to be more of a party crowd

πŸ“ Park Notes: 

  • Lake is still up just a bit
  • Gates closed and locked from midnight to 6 am on weekends. Closed at 10 pm on week days. 
  • Can bring golf carts, ATV's (machines with steering wheels, not handle bars)
  • Dump Station - a little hard to get to for big rigs. Also hard to leave the park from there. You may have to go back into the park to turn around.
  • Park Store - has fishing bait and supplies, too. Beer, bait, but no ammo.
  • There is a Places Munzee here
  • πŸ’‘ Sites 55 and 52 are larger sites

🦌 Wildlife:

  • Birds: Mockingbirds, Osprey, Killdeer, Great Egret
  • Deer
  • Party animals
🚘 44.5 miles round trip - 9.4 mph
I'm going to rant for a moment... 

People...seriously?! Don't leave your trash and cigarette butts behind for the staff, or worse yet, the next campers to find and pick up. This is just nasty! Think about a couple with a small toddler arriving after you...EVERYTHING goes in their mouth. YUCK! Do you want to be responsible for that? And, let's turn it around...couples with children in diapers, DO NOT leave them around the campground. I had to pick one up on my last outing. It's disgusting! Be a better camper! Don't be the reason that campgrounds close or have to enforce common-sense rules. 😑


We had a group of four RVs this trip. I put out the painted rock that I got from the RV Show USA. I hope it brings a smile to the person that finds it and I hope they post a picture on the Be a Better Camper page. 

We had sausage wrap-arounds for supper and set up the Cornhole boards. More friends came for a while and brought the Littles to stay. I added pool noodles to the slide and it was a good visual to them as they were running around playing. The mosquitos were present, but not terrible. The flies, on the other hand, were awful! 🦟

This was the first trip with the Clear2O inline water filter. I actually drank water from the faucet. It filters down to 1 micron, but I didn't notice any reduction in water flow rate. 


The lake was quiet and calm this morning. I took a little walk towards the store. I love mornings in the campground while most people are sleeping. We had our coffee and sat around for a little while. Later, we had biscuits and gravy made
 in the Dutch oven over coals for breakfast followed by Mimosas. Good eats!  

We got a pretty good downpour for a while, so it was a good time to take a nap. It cleared off and we were able to get out in the lake for awhile and then there was a long-running cornhole game. We set up two canopies between my trailer and the 5W so it was our kitchen/dining room/entertainment area. We took all the kids for a slow ride on the Mule around the park. We had more day visitors. We had little bits of sun, but mostly overcast with a few sprinkles throughout the day. There were a few lightning bolts, so we stayed out of the lake for a while...and then the kids were back in. 

Saturday nights are our typical BYO Steak night. I love it! We had lots of food to share! There were lots of fireworks going off at Welch Park and we had a good view of them across the lake. Somebody somewhere was shooting off some large fireworks about 4am. So much for quiet hours!


Sunday morning was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. Nice and calm in the morning. We had cowboy coffee and breakfast tacos - and mimosas. I like a little coffee in my cream. Brewed camp coffee is the best! It's so much better than drip coffee. Sorry Keurig!

Camp hair. Don't care! 

We got in the lake again for a while. Alternating sun, clouds, light rain. There was a full rainbow that appeared later. It's cool to see the whole thing from end to end. 🌈

We did BYO Meat night. The guys had the Weber Kettle going and a small cooker. Of course there were jalapeΓ±o poppers (it's a camp staple in this group). We had quail and a young turkey, Tablitas and a Mexican dish that was soooo good. LOTS of good food. We had country ribs and pork chops but we put them back in the refrigerators because there was too much already. All the kids had fun playing in the water while the adults sat around or played Cornhole. 

πŸŽ† The fireworks at Welch Park started just after dark and we all went around the other side of the 5th Wheel for a good view point. We were disappointed to find out earlier this week that Big Creek wasn't doing their display this year. That's why we booked these sites so early. There were lots of boats in the water watching the displays. We could others on the Washington County side of the lake as well. 


Another peaceful morning. A few people had left yesterday afternoon. I had just enough OJ and champagne for one last Mimosa. We had leftover breakfast tacos for a simple meal. Most of the group started packing up to head home. We are all weekend RVers, so there's the pack up, dump, go home, set back up and unload to think about.

My cousins and the kids came mid-morning since they had been in Austin for the weekend and then Mama & Daddy came a little later. We made hot dogs and had a picnic lunch with them before they had to get back on the road to Louisiana. After they left, I stowed everything and closed up Matilda Mae and had a few sprinkles in the process. Daddy helped me hitch up and then followed me to the dump station. They followed me home. Unhitched and turned on the AC and went inside to take a nap. It was a nice relaxing weekend, but with the sun and activity, I was bushed. I never even got to put a hook in the water this weekend. 

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Camping on Father's Day Weekend

Big Creek Resort, Marina & Campground, Lake Somerville

This park is one of the closest ones to home and I find myself out here quite often. It mostly has water and electric sites (and some primitive camping). There are a handful of full hookup sites. The lake was up a few feet on this trip - so watch for displaced wildlife, especially the slithery kind. This 80s-90s loop was quieter than the marina side. They were packed! It was nice being able to work remotely out here on a weekday (brought my own wifi hotspot).

North Shore, Park Road 4

Type of Park: Private-owned
Check In: 4p    Check Out: 3p

June 17-20, 2021 - 3 Nights

Site #99 - Back-In

πŸ’²30 per night ($90 total)
  • Water
  • 20/30 amp
  • Grill
  • Picnic Table
  • Hook on pole for light, etc
  • Very close to restrooms/showers

πŸ‘πŸ» Pros:

  • No trees to avoid
  • Good area for camping in groups
  • Good view of the Lake. Site is almost parallel with the Lake instead of perpendicular like most of the other sites. Camper faces setting sun. 
  • Close to good swimming areas

πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Cons:

  • No shade
  • Fire ring was missing
  • Watch for the old tree stump near the site pad. I usually put the leveling blocks on it for a visual reminder not to step on it.

πŸ“ Park Notes: 

  • Gates closed and locked from midnight to 6 am on weekends. Closed at 10 pm on week days. 
  • Can bring golf carts, ATV's (machines with steering wheels, not handle bars)
  • Dump Station - a little hard to get to for big rigs. Also hard to leave the park from there. You may have to go back into the park to turn around.
  • Park Store - has fishing bait and supplies, too 
  • Sites on this loop have crushed granite in the pad sites
  • Cabins and lower levels of stairs have been repaired
  • There is a Places Munzee here

🦌 Wildlife:

  • Birds: Mockingbirds, Kite, Killdeer, Great Egret, Redwing Blackbirds, Mallards
  • Deer
  • Frogs (including a bullfrog)
  • 🐍 Snakes - non-poisonous, but be aware of their presence
🚘 20.5 miles round trip - 10.2 mph


Got to the park a little after 6:30 and got set up pretty quick. Backed her like a boss! #LocationUpdated Went down to the store to check in and drove around a little bit. The Lake is up a few feet from normal. A couple of sites on the next loop are under water. Saw a deer on the way back to the campsite. Some of the tables have been removed and they're all stacked up by the restrooms near the front. Maybe they're going to be replacing some of them. Sat outside enjoying the night until the mosquitoes ran me in. There are only two other RVs on this loop tonight. It's very peaceful and quiet. I love it!

There's a Killdeer that has made her nest just outside of the site pad. Be careful where you walk/drive right now. I hope they make it so she can hatch them out. 


Woke up early about 6:00 a.m.  Yes, I know I'm supposed to be on vacation, but tell that to my body clock. Made my coffee and went outside to see the natural world wake up. Of course it was up already. I love mornings in the campground and at the lake.  The birds are singing and the fish are jumping. Had some Mallards come in really close. There's a bullfrog calling. Sounds like home. 

Clocked into work and worked until about 2 o’clock. I sat outside the whole time in the shade of the awning. It was nice. I had to get my little fan out just to keep the flies down though. Watch for fire ants! They swarm over any little crumb. Don't set your drink on the ground. My brother stopped by and helped up the canopy. I went down to the water for a while with my creek chair (works in the lake too).

Mama and Daddy came out and we sat in the water for a little while and took a drive around the park. We had hamburgers for supper and a nice visit and then they went home. Daddy seemed to really enjoy himself out there - a little early Father's Day. It was good to see him relax.


I got up and made my coffee and then made a big breakfast. I was gonna save it for leftovers but there was a young couple nearby that was just getting up so I offered it to them. 

Floated in the lake for a while. Saw 2 snakes in the water. One was very close so I figured it was time to get out. In the afternoon, I went to our LaBahia Chapter NSPSOT's Plant Swap on the other side of the lake. Nice place! Came back with lots of plants and a full belly. It was a busy day, plus quite a bit of sun, so I called it an early night. 


Cereal and muffin for breakfast - fast and easy. Went home to change clothes for church since it was Father's Day. Had steaks at Daddy's for lunch. My brother and son came out. too My brother went with me to get the camper and canopy right at check-out time. Luckily no one was in line at the dump station. It was HOT and HUMID. Nice weekend.

πŸ’‘ I really need to try sites 93 and 95 as they have a little bit of shade. So sad that they have lost so many of their trees. 

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My First Boondockers

 I recently signed up as a guest and host on the Boondockers Welcome site. For hosting, it's like you are a mini RV park and you offer a place for someone to camp for up to 5 nights (host's choice). It started as a full boondockers site where the RVer would be totally self-contained, but several hosts offer some hookups.  At my site, I offer a 30-amp hookup and water if needed. I am on the farm and there are several things to do in this area. This is NativTxn's Blackland Prairie. #ThisIsBoondockersWelcome

I got a request a week or so ago from a couple that would be going to an event and I was a good halfway stop. This was the first place they had tried to stay through the program, so we were both Boondockers Welcome virgins so to speak. We had a little conversation on hookup needs, dates and such and I accepted the request. After confirming the height of their rig, I gave them directions from where they were coming, which included a single-lane bridge just over 11' high. 

Joe & Julie (they gave me permission to use their name and photo) arrived about the time they said they would and got their rig set up and had to leave quickly to get to their event for the evening. By the time they returned, I was already in the night, so I left them to their own. 

I tend to be an early riser, so I got up and made my coffee and went out to the porch and to walk around the yard like I normally do and they were up too. We had a nice visit over coffee and I gave them a few options of things to see on their route home. They said they enjoyed the stars and the sound of all the frogs when they came in and all the birds in the morning. Timing was good for this stay. As my first guests, I wanted to give them something extra and we had just picked, cleaned and packaged some sweet corn this past week right from the field so I gave them a package to take home. I also mentioned the beautiful patch of sunflowers in full bloom in the area. It's a great photo op right now. 

Photograph them, but don't pick or trample them. This is a farmer's cash crop.

I had to clock into work and get my day started so I left them along to prep their rig for travel so they could head out on their adventure for the day. Julie was the first one to fill out one of the log sheets in my (hopefully-growing) collection. I enjoyed having them here and would gladly host them again. The driveway seems so empty now, but I'll put Matilda Mae back in her spot and wait for my next Boondocker coming in next week. This could be a fun adventure of meeting and greeting RVers and their rigs. Can't wait to make my first trip as a guest!

Memorial Day Weekend

 First and foremost....

Here’s to the families of those that didn’t make it home. I know it’s not a “Happy” Memorial Day, but I thank you for your sacrifice and for your loved ones that served our country. God bless! πŸ€—

I took some time off for the weekend and headed for one of my favorite places...the Texas Hill Country. πŸ’• I got off work a little early on Thursday and ran home to change and load everything. Headed out towards Wimberley and made the trek along the Devil's Backbone headed west and made it the Devil's Backbone Tavern in one shot. It was 2 1/2 hour drive. Grabbed a beer and checked out the place. Talked to a guy from Maine and told him about the bats in Austin where he was headed. He asked if bats were a "thing". I explained that it's a BIG thing around here. πŸ¦‡ 

Got back on the road and made it to The Cocky Rooster Bar in Comfort by 8:00 pm. It was a nice drive, but a little overcast. I love the hills! Had a light mist by the time I got to Comfort. Met my good friend, Paulie, at the Rooster and we hung out there most of the night. He's the "Mayor" of Toonstone and it was so good to see him again.


Got up and had coffee, then went to Kerrvile to the Save Inn Restaurant for breakfast. Went to The Cartoon Saloon for a little while. I love this little tourist stop! It's just north of Comfort on RR 473. Go check it out and tell them I sent you!

 It was misty raining again so we went north to visit friends a little ways up the road. We hung out there for quite a while under the garage overhang. They made a pork loin and ribs. More tall tales ensued... πŸ˜‚ 

We stopped by the James Kiehl River Bend Park by the old railroad tracks to take pictures but couldn't stay long because it was raining. I LOVE the sound of the water bubbling downstream! 

We went back to the Rooster for drinks. Got some food from the Food Truck there and a wonderful Oreo Cookie Pie that Wendy made. πŸ˜‹ You gotta try it! It POURED down raining and we had lots of lightning like a strobe light. No steak night that night! 🌩


I headed to Bandera for the Memorial Day Parade. It was nice and sunny. Met up with with a friend from our Campin' and Dancin' group and went to 11th Street Cowboy Bar for Donice Morace. He plays pretty good music! More of our friends showed up and we stayed there a while. 

It was the early show in early afternoon. It was HOT and HUMID and no breeze blowing. We were all playing hide and seek from the sun under the beach umbrellas over the tables. The heat and the street tacos didn't set well with me. Ugh! 🀒

Went down to see Justin Trevino at Arkey Blue's Silver Dollar (another one of my very favorite places). There's just something about going down those stairs into a great old Honky Tonk! πŸ’• It was cooler there, but the tacos were working on me.

I went back to Comfort for a while to relax and cool off. Went back to River Bend Park at the Guadalupe and watched, listened and sat in the water a bit. It was muddied and flowing fast but it was slowly going down. River therapy accomplished!

I got ready and headed back to Bandera to see Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley. There were both really good, even at their age. It was cool to see them in person. Another band came on after them on the small stage and they played good music too. I had to leave to go back to Comfort. Uh-oh...one of my tires is getting low!


I found a nail in my tire and had to go to Manuel's Tire Shop first thing for a patch. At least it was an interesting stop. They had a very large cage with a multitude of birds - peacocks, macaws, lovebirds, chickens... 

I tried to locate a couple of geocaches with no luck, but I put out a Munzee. Went over to The Cartoon Saloon to do a few things and dug up a few of the Twist-leaf Yuccas to take home and found a nice piece of cedar to add a visual interest to my "Campsite" at the house.

Then we headed to Alamo Springs CafΓ© for lunch. The burger was HUGE and so good! Fries were tasty. The Chicken Fried Steak wasn't a disappointment either. There's a good reason they have been featured on Texas Country Reporters and other Texas hot spot shows. They are popular, so don't expect an in & out experience. They are right next to the Old Tunnel State Park. Did I mention that bats were a THING in Texas?! The Saloon is just down the road, so there's several things to do in that area off Old 9 Road. 

Phil & Stacy from You, Me & the RV (Today is Someday) and their friends met us at the Cafe. It was their friend's birthday and they brought mini "Nothing Bundt Cakes" cupcakes for dessert. πŸ˜‹ Brian, the owner of ASC, give him a cap for a birthday gift. We sat around for a good while listening to their Navy stories and cracking up. So glad Goofy is OK!  They followed us to The Cartoon Saloon and checked out some of JP Rankin's creations. He's the Cartoon Cowboy and one of the partners in the Saloon project. They did some filming around the location and even did a segment with me. Look for their sticker in the guest book. I'm their first "Insider" to meet in the wild and I think the Hill Country definitely qualifies as "the wild". They are super great people and a lot of fun to hang out with. I'm so glad it worked out for us to meet in person. Safe travels when y'all get back to it! Speedy healing Phil. Hope to do it again. Check out their video of their adventures in the Hill Country. I was so glad I got to join in for part of the fun! 

Check out the YouTube video from You, Me & the RV about their adventures in this area. 

After they left, it started to rain and some of us holed up in the Saloon building to escape the downpour. We went back to Paulie's place and finally had our grilled steaks. πŸ₯© YUM! He did a great job! It started to rain while he was out there, but he was able to finish up in time. Yes, the weather has been spitting on most of this trip, but there have been some really fun times in spite of it. 


After getting gas for the trip home, I went by the Hygieostatic Bat Roost and captured another Munzee. Yes...more bat stuff! πŸ¦‡  DNF'd a couple geocaches (and I gave them a good long look). 😑 Put out a Munzee though. Went to The Cartoon Saloon for a while. I hated to leave my COMFORT zone!  BTW, Paulie...Maroon & White trumps Purple & Gold! πŸ‘πŸ»

I got on the road and decided to drop down and hit 46 and go through Gruene on the way home. That town was BUSY on Memorial Day! Hit heavy traffic on I-35 between New Braunfels and San Marcos. TERRIBLE standstill traffic in Bastrop. I've never seen it that bad. Took almost 5 hours to get home when it normally takes about 3 1/2 hours. Ugh! 

530 miles for the entire trip. Lots of back and forth, but I love the drives and the hills. They do something great for my soul. I did this trip without the camper, but it was nice not to have to tow it...especially with the holiday traffic. 

My son was at my parent's house when I got home. We don't take your typical family photos, can't you tell? πŸ˜‚ Had some leftover fajitas for late lunch/early supper (since I got so delayed) and hung out with Colton a while until he left. Unloaded everything and crashed.

 All-in-all, it was a great long weekend and I got to do everything I wanted...except those darn geocaches.  Next trip...

There are cool painted rocks at The Cartoon Saloon. This one was featured in Phil and Stacy's video. Great minds think alike! 

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