🌻 My Yard

My Hummingbird Haven:

I enjoy working in my 1-acre yard and I like using native plants when I can.  They tend to do better than most other plants and take a lot less water and attention. Of course, there are always the pass-a-long plants and others that catch my eye, too. I moved onto this site in July 2004 and it was bare dirt.  I've done a lot with it since then.  Give me a few years and I'll have a little shade! Some of my trees are now taller than me.  

My yard is certified as Backyard Wildlife Habitat #48908 with the National Wildlife Federation.  

On May 20, 2008 it was certified as Texas Wildscapes #4018

I cater to the hummingbirds, since they are my favorite, but I also have plants for bees, butterflies and other wildlife. I have 3 bluebird houses and have had several clutches of eggs to hatch and fledge out into the world. My next big item on the "wish list" is to add a pond.  Right now, all I have is a "puddle".  They are just a couple of little ponds about 2 feet across, but they have already held frogs and snakes and provide extra water for the birds.

My Yard Photos
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