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Check out the items listed below to shop for my favorite Amazon products. Most are for the RV, but some can be used in and around the sticks & bricks as well. These are items I have used (except for the Wish List, of course). Prices are subject to change (up or down). If you don't see images below, check your browser to see if an Ad Blocker is turned on.

RV Maintenance and Essentials

The surge protector and water pressure regulator are probably the most important things on the list. Note: The Hitch Gel does NOT come out of clothes very easily. I wear it well. The quick connects are great on hoses, especially ones that you use at a dump station when you have a line of RVs behind you. The color-coordinated rubber twist ties are good for hoses and cables. Black for the power cord, Blue for drinking hose, Orange for black tank hose.  

Outdoor Accessories

Tip: Buckets are great for collecting water while waiting for shower to warm up. Use it to douse a fire or rinse dishes outside. Also for filling toilet to add odor control when using a dump station instead of full hookups. I use the chair and collapsible side table almost every trip. I love watching a good campfire at night and the colorful flame packets add an interesting touch. Love my Hey Dudes!

Kitchen Accessories

I love making breakfast over a campfire (coals). I use the Lodge pan and coffee pot (for Cowboy Coffee) on most trips. The Dawn PowerWash is great for cleaning just a dish or two. Saves water from not having to fill the sink. The slim baskets  are the perfect width for grits and instant oatmeal packets, hot chocolate, PopTarts, etc. Wide enough to hold the small propane tanks or lighter fluid. 

Bedroom Accessories

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the duvet cover. That's my favorite color combination! In the summer, I don't even put anything inside the cover. The curtains are great for blocking the light and come in many colors. The darker the color, the more light-blocking capabilities it has. One package had panels large enough for two of the windows in my travel trailer. I used the large curtain rod in the longer living room window.

Bathroom Accessories

The slim baskets in the Kitchen section also work perfectly in my bathroom cabinet. They keep all the small things from rolling around. I replaced my sewn-in tab shower curtain with a new track with hooks. Now I can use any shower curtain and wash and swap with the seasons. The curtains with a clear top make it feel like I'm not so closed in in the tiny corner shower and they let in more light.

Vehicle Accessories


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