Camping at Yegua Creek

Yegua Creek Park, Lake Somerville

January 17-18, 2021 - 1 night
Type of Park: COE
Check In: 3p    Check Out: 2p

Site #24 - Back In

$26 per night

  • Water
  • 20/30 amp
  • Grill - Good condition
  • Fire Ring
  • Picnic Table (Some have covers over tables, not this site)

👍🏻 Pros:

  • Big site on the end
  • The way the road goes, no headlights go into the trailer
  • Nice view of the lake
  • Near the beach area
  • Trees overhead

👎🏻 Cons:

  • A couple of large trees just outside the driveway. Hard to see on far side when backing in. 
  • Far side of loop away from the shower/restroom if needed

📝 Park Notes: 

  • Gates are closed and locked from 10p to 6a
  • Dump Station
  • Restrooms / Bath House

🐦 Wildlife:

  • Birds: Cardinals, Mockingbirds, Pelicans (Eagles have been spotted here, but not on this trip)
  • Lots of Deer
  • Squirrels
  • Armadillo

🚘 40 miles round trip - 10 mph

This was the first trip with the Silverado. I can see around both sides of the camper without extensions on the mirror! My brother joined me for a little while and helped me get the fire going. The grill was really nice and we made our steak for supper. 🥩 Lots of pelicans were out on the lake today and there were quite a few deer out. After dark, I had the laser lights shining on the trees and it look like fireflies bouncing around. It was really quiet in the park. There was no sounds of AC is running or anything like that like it usually is in the summertime. Most people were pretty quiet and there was no loud music to break the calm. There was an armadillo that was digging around in the leaves after dark and he was very intent on what he was doing and didn’t run off even when I walked over and shined the light on him. It was a very peaceful night. It was pretty chilly (low 40's) and I had the "fireplace" space heater going and 3 blankets on the bed. I was toasty and even had to take one of them off in the middle of the night. I wish my little camping buddy was here with me. I'm going to miss her so much. 

I got up in the morning and started another fire and put the coffee on. ☕ What makes coffee taste so much better when it's at a campsite? I got out all the stuff to make breakfast tacos. Way more than I needed for just one person. Took a walk around the campground to check out some of the other sites on the next loop over. A lot of the campers were from northern states and most started tearing everything down and leaving in the morning. I waited around until lunchtime to pack up. I went and hit the dump station and then came home. It was a nice trip, but too quick. 

If you look close, you can see Pelicans flying low on right side of grill

RIP Dixie

My 15-year companion, Dixie, passed away yesterday morning and crossed the rainbow bridge. 

I woke up to find her laying in the middle of the living room floor. She has not been herself the last few days and had barely left her little bed so I knew she was not doing well. It was still a shock.

My brother and my parents came over and helped bury her in the backyard wrapped in her favorite blanket. We talked about her and shed a few tears. It was a sad day. I was working from home that day after we took care of her, but I felt like I should have been on bereavement leave. 😭

We picked Dixie out of the litter before she was even weaned. My son said "Look at that little face". She won us over a wee age. We were able to bring her home Thanksgiving weekend of 2005 and she became an instant part of the family. I got her to be a companion for my young son, but she attached herself to me. She would sleep with me in the bed and she loved burying herself under blankets and pillows. You couldn't sit anywhere on the couch or bed without checking for a lump first.

She liked to go wherever I was and she liked being outdoors when I was. She has been on multiple camping trips, geocaching trips and hanging out in the yard. If I would ask "Do you want to go camping?", she would get so excited. Even if it was only in the back yard. You could see her grin. 

She had my Daddy wrapped around her little paw too. Whenever we went over there to visit, she would always jump up on the recliner with him and share his peanuts. Many times, he would say in a gruff voice "Hey hound dog!" and she just wagged her tail as if she knew it was an inside joke. A Rat Terrier would not be Webster's definition of a Hound Dog. 

We always called her "Shaky Butt" because she would get so excited about things and wag her whole back half. If my Mama was watching her and told her "Mama is home", she could just open the back door of her house and Dixie would come barreling across the pasture. It was sad the last few months that she didn't wag at all and the little tail stayed mostly clamped down. She used to jump up on the bed and couch, but the last couple years she had to have help getting up. She walked slow, but she still liked to curl up next to me.

She had two tricks that she learned at a young age. Roll over and Stick 'em up! On the later, she would stand up on her back legs and stick both front legs straight up in the air. My son even entered her in the County Fair pet show. She had her own cute personality.

It's going to be hard coming home to an empty and quiet house. When I pulled out the carpet a couple of years ago and got my vinyl plank flooring, her nails tapping around was a constant comfort that she was there. She was my cleanup crew for my leftovers (and even if I wasn't full, I always saved her a bite). 

She has a spot in the yard next to a small pine tree. At some point, she will be under it's shade. She'll forever be in my heart. I'm going to miss my baby girl.

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