Promo Codes

Sometimes (or all the time) you would like to have a little discount or get something extra when ordering or setting up an account. Here are my codes to help you (and me) out.

Airbnb - denisev4068
Looking for a place to stay that's more homey than a regular hotel room? Maybe a whole house? Check out Airbnb for lots of options and get $40 off your first stay.

Boondockers Welcome
BYO-RV. Free overnight (or more) parking on private property. Your membership will allow you guest privileges and/or you can register as a host and have RVers come to visit you. Email me and I can send you more info and you'll get an extra 1-month guest credit. 

Join Canva and we both get to choose a free premium photo, icon or illustration and we can collaborate on projects. 

Dairy QueenDeniseVajd8140
Use my code to get 1 free heart.  Get 5 hearts and receive $5 off your next visit.

Cloud storage for your files with sharing capabilities. Get an extra 500MB of storage using this link.

Order food for your office and earn rewards for yourself.

Favor Delivery - DENIV9X
(Almost) anything delivered in various cities in Texas, including Bryan/College Station. Food (even from places that don't normally deliver), dry cleaning, stuff from Walmart, etc. $5 discount on first delivery.

Harvest Hosts
Get 15% your membership fee when you use this link. Stay at farms, wineries, breweries, museums, golf courses, etc. at no extra charge. 

A browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click. Works great on Amazon and other sites.

Use for setting up account for OneDrive, OneNote, etc. Use this link to receive an extra .5 GB of storage on OneDrive.

The ultimate 21st century scavenger hunt powered by your smart phone. A location-based game played worldwide. Get out, get moving, earn points, level up, play with friends, earn rewards.

New users get $10 off your Walmart Grocery Online order. Order ahead, they will pick your groceries and load it in your car for you. No extra items jumping into your basket as you browse.

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