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Camping is something I really enjoy doing and I do it as often as I can.  I would MUCH rather be out in a park or campground than almost any place outside of my yard.  When I can combine it with my scavenger hunts or great honky tonks, that's just a bonus! I like camping in groups with friends. "It's all good in the trailer hood"

I am also a host on Boondockers Welcome in Central Texas and I have hosted campers from Texas and beyond. I have room for one rig and a tow vehicle and offer 30 amp and water hookups. It's a nice way to meet people and their rigs. I'm signed on as a guest, but I haven't gotten to try out a site yet. So far, it's been a great experience and if you have the capabilities, be sure to try it out. You never know who you will meet. Check out my friends, Phil & Stacy's blog at Today is Someday for a discount code before signing up. 

My first RV was a 1989 Jayco pop-up that I got in 2010. Yes, it was older than my son! We put some miles on those tires in the 4 years that I had it and had some good adventures together in that camper. That was back when he enjoyed geocaching and camping with me. 

I am a part-timer and as of September 2019, I now have a small Starcraft travel trailer with a little slide. Meet Matilda Mae. She's easily towable with my 1/2 ton Chevy so we're good to go at most times. Yes, I started off with a Chevy Colorado as in the photo below, but that was another upgrade. I lost my 4-legged camping buddy in January 2021 at the ripe age of 15. She went camping in both of these rigs with me as well. 

When I get ready to retire...who knows what the next upgrade will be?

I whole-heartedly agree with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's slogan. "Life's Better Outside".

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RV & Camping Resources

Check out RVillage. It's a social network of RVers. Posts, Groups, Blogs, Discounts, etc. Travel. Park. Connect.  Find me there. 

These are some of the people, places and resources I enjoy about RVing and camping in general. 

The RV Show USA - Fellow Texans. YouTube, Live casts, Radio show. Owner of Big Chief RV Resort in Burnet, TX. 

RV Small Talk Podcast - Fellow Texans. Employees of Princess Craft RV in Round Rock, TX.

RV Texas Y'all - YouTube, Blog, Podcast and fellow Texans

You, Me & the RV (Today is Someday) - Blog, YouTube, fellow Texans. I got to meet them in person and be in one of their videos

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