My First Boondockers

 I recently signed up as a guest and host on the Boondockers Welcome site. For hosting, it's like you are a mini RV park and you offer a place for someone to camp for up to 5 nights (host's choice). It started as a full boondockers site where the RVer would be totally self-contained, but several hosts offer some hookups.  At my site, I offer a 30-amp hookup and water if needed. I am on the farm and there are several things to do in this area. This is NativTxn's Blackland Prairie. #ThisIsBoondockersWelcome

I got a request a week or so ago from a couple that would be going to an event and I was a good halfway stop. This was the first place they had tried to stay through the program, so we were both Boondockers Welcome virgins so to speak. We had a little conversation on hookup needs, dates and such and I accepted the request. After confirming the height of their rig, I gave them directions from where they were coming, which included a single-lane bridge just over 11' high. 

Joe & Julie (they gave me permission to use their name and photo) arrived about the time they said they would and got their rig set up and had to leave quickly to get to their event for the evening. By the time they returned, I was already in the night, so I left them to their own. 

I tend to be an early riser, so I got up and made my coffee and went out to the porch and to walk around the yard like I normally do and they were up too. We had a nice visit over coffee and I gave them a few options of things to see on their route home. They said they enjoyed the stars and the sound of all the frogs when they came in and all the birds in the morning. Timing was good for this stay. As my first guests, I wanted to give them something extra and we had just picked, cleaned and packaged some sweet corn this past week right from the field so I gave them a package to take home. I also mentioned the beautiful patch of sunflowers in full bloom in the area. It's a great photo op right now. 

Photograph them, but don't pick or trample them. This is a farmer's cash crop.

I had to clock into work and get my day started so I left them along to prep their rig for travel so they could head out on their adventure for the day. Julie was the first one to fill out one of the log sheets in my (hopefully-growing) collection. I enjoyed having them here and would gladly host them again. The driveway seems so empty now, but I'll put Matilda Mae back in her spot and wait for my next Boondocker coming in next week. This could be a fun adventure of meeting and greeting RVers and their rigs. Can't wait to make my first trip as a guest!

Memorial Day Weekend

 First and foremost....

Here’s to the families of those that didn’t make it home. I know it’s not a “Happy” Memorial Day, but I thank you for your sacrifice and for your loved ones that served our country. God bless! 🤗

I took some time off for the weekend and headed for one of my favorite places...the Texas Hill Country. 💕 I got off work a little early on Thursday and ran home to change and load everything. Headed out towards Wimberley and made the trek along the Devil's Backbone headed west and made it the Devil's Backbone Tavern in one shot. It was 2 1/2 hour drive. Grabbed a beer and checked out the place. Talked to a guy from Maine and told him about the bats in Austin where he was headed. He asked if bats were a "thing". I explained that it's a BIG thing around here. 🦇 

Got back on the road and made it to The Cocky Rooster Bar in Comfort by 8:00 pm. It was a nice drive, but a little overcast. I love the hills! Had a light mist by the time I got to Comfort. Met my good friend, Paulie, at the Rooster and we hung out there most of the night. He's the "Mayor" of Toonstone and it was so good to see him again.


Got up and had coffee, then went to Kerrvile to the Save Inn Restaurant for breakfast. Went to The Cartoon Saloon for a little while. I love this little tourist stop! It's just north of Comfort on RR 473. Go check it out and tell them I sent you!

 It was misty raining again so we went north to visit friends a little ways up the road. We hung out there for quite a while under the garage overhang. They made a pork loin and ribs. More tall tales ensued... 😂 

We stopped by the James Kiehl River Bend Park by the old railroad tracks to take pictures but couldn't stay long because it was raining. I LOVE the sound of the water bubbling downstream! 

We went back to the Rooster for drinks. Got some food from the Food Truck there and a wonderful Oreo Cookie Pie that Wendy made. 😋 You gotta try it! It POURED down raining and we had lots of lightning like a strobe light. No steak night that night! 🌩


I headed to Bandera for the Memorial Day Parade. It was nice and sunny. Met up with with a friend from our Campin' and Dancin' group and went to 11th Street Cowboy Bar for Donice Morace. He plays pretty good music! More of our friends showed up and we stayed there a while. It was HOT and HUMID and no breeze blowing. We were playing hide and seek from the sun under the beach umbrellas over the tables. The heat and the street tacos didn't set well with me. Ugh!

Went down to see Justin Trevino at Arkey Blue's Silver Dollar (another one of my very favorite places). There's just something about going down those stairs into a great old Honky Tonk! 💕 It was cooler there, but the tacos were working on me.

I went back to Comfort for a while to relax and cool off. Went back to River Bend Park at the Guadalupe and watched, listened and sat in the water a bit. It was muddied and flowing fast but it was slowly going down. River therapy accomplished!

I got ready and headed back to Bandera to see Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley. There were both really good, even at their age. It was cool to see them in person. Another band came on after them on the small stage and they played good music too. I had to leave to go back to Comfort. of my tires is getting low!


I found a nail in my tire and had to go to Manuel's Tire Shop first thing for a patch. At least it was an interesting stop. They had a very large cage with a multitude of birds - peacocks, macaws, lovebirds, chickens... I tried to locate a couple of geocaches with no luck, but I put out a Munzee. Went over to The Cartoon Saloon to do a few things and dug up a few of the twist leaf yuccas to take home and found a nice piece of cedar to add a visual interest to my "Campsite" at the house.

Then we headed to Alamo Springs Café for lunch. The burger was HUGE and so good! Fries were tasty. The Chicken Fried Steak wasn't a disappointment either. There's a good reason they have been featured on Texas Country Reporters and other Texas hot spot shows. They are popular, so don't expect an in & out experience. They are right next to the Old Tunnel State Park. Did I mention that bats were a THING in Texas?! The Saloon is just down the road, so there's several things to do in that area off Old 9 Road. 

Phil & Stacy from You, Me & the RV (Today is Someday) and their friends met us at the Cafe. It was their friend's birthday and they brought mini "Nothing Bundt Cakes" cupcakes for dessert. 😋 Brian, the owner of ASC, give him a cap for a birthday gift. We sat around for a good while listening to their Navy stories and cracking up. So glad Goofy is OK!  They followed us to The Cartoon Saloon and checked out some of JP Rankin's creations. He's the Cartoon Cowboy and one of the partners in the Saloon project. They did some filming around the location and even did a segment with me. (Link coming soon when it's published). Look for their sticker in the guest book. I'm their first "Insider" to meet in the wild and I think the Hill Country definitely qualifies as "the wild". They are super great people and a lot of fun to hang out with. I'm so glad it worked out for us to meet in person. Safe travels when y'all get back to it! Speedy healing Phil. Hope to do it again.

After they left, it started to rain and some of us holed up in the Saloon building to escape the downpour. We went back to Paulie's place and finally had our grilled steaks. 🥩 YUM! He did a great job! It started to rain while he was out there, but he was able to finish up in time. Yes, the weather has been spitting on most of this trip, but there have been some really fun times in spite of it. 


After getting gas for the trip home, I went by the Hygieostatic Bat Roost and captured another Munzee. Yes...more bat stuff! DNF'd a couple geocaches (and I gave them a good long look). Put out a Munzee though. Went to The Cartoon Saloon for a while. I hated to leave my COMFORT zone!  BTW, Paulie...Maroon & White trumps Purple & Gold! 👍🏻

I got on the road and decided to drop down and hit 46 and go through Gruene on the way home. That town was BUSY on Memorial Day! Hit heavy traffic on I-35 between New Braunfels and San Marcos. TERRIBLE standstill traffic in Bastrop. I've never seen it that bad. Took almost 5 hours to get home when it normally takes about 3 1/2 hours. Ugh! 

530 miles for the entire trip. Lots of back and forth, but I love the drives and the hills. They do something great for my soul. I did this trip without the camper, but it was nice not to have to tow it...especially with the holiday traffic. 

My son was at my parent's house when I got home. We don't take your typical family photos, can't you tell? 😂 Had some leftover fajitas for late lunch/early supper (since I got so delayed) and hung out with Colton a while until he left. Unloaded everything and crashed.

 All-in-all, it was a great long weekend and I got to do everything I wanted...except those darn geocaches.  Next trip...

There are cool painted rocks at The Cartoon Saloon. Spread the love and Do More Better!


The Western RV Park

Behind The Western Steakhouse & Dancehall
9524 Highway 6 Loop S
Navasota, TX 77868

Type of Park: Private-owned
Check In: ?    Check Out: ? - Call

Site #32 - Back-In

$45 per night (3% fee for credit card)

  • Water
  • 20/30/50 amp
  • Sewer
  • Site Pad: Concrete

👍🏻 Pros:

  • Very wide sites. Can park the tow vehicle next to the rig
  • Brand new - all new electric, water, sewer
  • Sites are level
  • No need for rugs and such

👎🏻 Cons:

  • It's a big concrete parking lot with hookups - nothing special beyond that
  • The sites were wide, but there's only about a foot or so of space between sites
  • No picnic tables or grills
  • Grass only around the edges of the lot (Keep that in mind for pets)
  • Some spots around the edges had a tiny bit of shade

📝 Park Notes: 

  • Large, bright light poles and the lights are on all night, hard to tell when the sun is coming up and not just the lights. But no stumbling around in the dark.
  • It was nice being at The Western Club with friends for the ShuffleFest weekend event and not having to drive 45 minutes back and forth. The RV park is directly behind the Steakhouse & Dancehall.
  • It is a great spot to stay if you're going to the Western Club. It wouldn't be my first choice for a vacation destination though. It is right off the feeder road for Highway 6, but the road noise isn't terrible. 

Had a great time with a bunch of my campin' & dancin' crew. The bands were awesome! Friday night was Rocky King and Jeff Woolsey. Saturday was The Can't Hardly Playboyz and Jody Nix. FOUR fiddles playing at once. OMG! It was Heaven! I love the bands that play the good old honky tonk music like Johnny Bush that you can dance to. 2-Step, Waltz, Polka, Jitterbug...they played it all. And no line dances, yay! 

Part of our group with Jeff Woolsey on Friday night

It was definitely handy having a place to stay for the weekend. We thought we would have gotten rain, but it held off until we were leaving. If it had though, it would have been okay with all the concrete. In July and August, it's going to be HOT out there though! We had six RV's in our bunch, plus others in another group from home. 

I'm glad some of us had tables and the Blackstone so we could cook our big brunch. We did brunch at the sites, but we ate supper in the Steakhouse & Dancehall both nights. They have really good food! Be aware...if you do the fried mushrooms, give them a chance to cool. They will come hot off the grease!

Bandera/Hill Country Trip

Skyline Ranch RV Park - Bandera, TX

2231 Hwy. 16N, Bandera, TX 78003

830 796-4958 / 800 267-1402

April 19-21, 2021 - 2 Nights

Type of Park: Private-owned
Check In: 12p    Check Out: 11a

Site #33 - Pull-Thru

$38 per night for 30 amp 
Discounts: Good Sam 10%, TACO, AAA
• Water
• 20/30 amp
• Sewer
• Cable TV
• Picnic Table
• Site Pad: Gravel. Mostly level

👍🏻 Pros:

• This site has a couple large Live Oak shade trees
• On the end, so the front of the camper has a large area for the "yard"

👎🏻 Cons:

• No grill or fire ring
• The end of the site drops down a little, so it was hard to back UP the incline on the gravel when hitching up

📝 Park Notes: 

• Restrooms / Bath House
• Wifi
• Propane sold onsite (weekly delivery)
• Laundry facility
• Park Store
• 3 Rec Rooms
• Less than 1/2 mile walk to Medina River
• Gazebo on trail to river
• Walking distance to Wild Horse Saloon

🐦 Wildlife:

• Birds: Several kinds. Heard turkeys, but couldn't spot them
• Deer, squirrels

🚘 201 miles Home - Bandera - 10.7 mph
       48 miles from Texas 281 RV Park - Skyline
      202 miles Bandera - Home - 9.4 mph


Got to the Park a little after noon. 201 miles from home and 10.7 mpg. Office was closed for lunch so I set up and then checked in. My site was very close to the office. It's a nice shady spot on the end of the row so it had a large front "yard". There is going to be a Casita rally this weekend and the park is already about half full of these little campers. I drove down to the river. I saw lots of wildflowers, deer, longhorns and donkeys. The river was wonderful! So peaceful with the cool, clear water babbling over the rocks. It does something for my sould and I could stay there forever. Walked along the trails there. There's a little gazebo on the trail between the campground and the river. Went to Brick's River Cafe to go eat. They have really good food and I love sitting on the deck out back. I got a shaved ribeye salad and it was so good! They were out of Bread Pudding, so I called TJ's and they said they had it. I went there and they were out too. Was not to be. I went by Fickle Pickles and got my stash 🥒 then went to Arkey's for a while and hung out with the locals. It's one o f my favorite places in the world. Also hit up the Red Horse and then Wild Horse Soloon (I could walk to that one from Skyline). 


40's this morning. What gives?! Had my morning coffee and enjoyed listening to the birds. I heard turkeys but didn't see them. Went to Mi Pueblo's to get a breakfast taco. Their corn tortillas are really good. Hit the road for a road trip to Fredericksburg to look for wildflowers 🌼 and to visit Wildseed Farms. It was blanketed in red this time of year with all the poppies. The fields right now are dedicated to the Veterans. After shopping for a few items there, I headed out for Luckenbach (that didn't take long). Then I headed down the backroads to go to Alamo Springs Café, but when I got there, they were closed. The owner was there and since there was NO cell reception, he gave me directions to my next destination. He even gave me a cap so it wasn't a totally wasted trip. The café is right next to the Old Tunnel State Park. I didn't stop since it was the middle of the day. Another trip….  

I skipped Bankersmith (but I need to come back to that place) and stopped by The Cartoon Saloon (aka Toonstone, TX). It's a tiny little place but has so much character! 👍🏻 It's a "Must Do" if you're in the area (but you might want to load the maps for offline use). Instead of "stopping by", I hung out there for several HOURS just chatting with the "Mayor" and a few others. 🍻 It was a great little spot to relax. As it got later, we closed up and we went to The Cocky Rooster in Comfort and got a pizza. (Remember, I had skipped lunch). Check out The Cartoon Cowboy and some of the work displayed in this unique little art gallery. If you go, tell Paulie and JP that I said Hi. 👋🏻


I got up and went to the river to say goodbye and then into town to get gas and to go to the Cowgirl Coffee Company (upstairs in the Old Forge) for a muffin and coffee. I got my coffee with Irish Cream flavoring and steamed milk. It was really good. I like a little coffee in my cream. ☕ I stowed everything and hitched up. A couple people on the next row over turned out to be from College Station so we struck up a little conversation and I left just before 10 am. I stopped at the Buc-ee's in New Braunfels and Bastrop and got home about 2:20 pm. 532 miles on the whole trip. Bandera (and that whole area) is My Happy Place and I sure hated to leave. 😢

Anhalt Western Roundup

Texas 281 RV Park

33300 U.S. 281 North, Bulverde, TX 78163 
Comal County
(830) 980-2282 / 800-456-2126

April 16-19, 2021 - 3 Nights

Type of Park: Private-owned
Check In: 11a    Check Out: 11a
Cost per night $44
Discounts: Good Sam $4/night

Site #10 - Pull-Thru

  • Water
  • 20/30/50 amp
  • Sewer
  • Picnic Table
  • Site Pad: Asphalt

👍🏻 Pros:

  • Shade from Live Oaks
  • Close to showers, restrooms, laundry
  • There’s a little room in the same building with coffee, table, books  (Botanical Room)

👎🏻 Cons:

  • The front area is a little close to Hwy 281 so there’s a little road noise but not bad
  • No fire ring
  • No grill at the sites

📝 Park Notes: 

  • Lot of people live here full time
  • Good Live Oak shade trees, but watch them above and on the side of your rig
  • Wifi
  • Propane sold onsite
  • Laundry facilities
  • Club house for larger gatherings - built of native stone
  • Dog Park
  • Basketball court
  • Chapel, church services on  Sunday 
  • Nature Trail
  • Headquarters has limited supply of RV parts (or there's a Walmart and Tractor Supply nearby)\
  • Billiards, Ping Pong, Horseshoes, Shuffleboard
  • RV Storage area
  • Mini storage buildings
  • Rental Guest Suites available
  • Frog/Koi pond/fountain
  • Quiet hours 9pm to 7 am

🐦 Wildlife:

  • Birds: Lots of happy singing ones, hummingbirds
  • Squirrels

🚘 153 miles Home - Bulverde - 10.9 mph

Friday, April 16

I caravanned with 4 other RV's (8 people) on this trip and another one (2 people) met us in the park. It was misty and hazy the whole trip. There were some bluebonnets out, but somewhat closed due to the weather. We made good time though and the cooler weather was good traveling on the tires. When we pulled into the park, they had staff on golf carts that led us right to our sites and after setting up, we went back to the office to officially check in. I used my Good Sam membership for $4 off per night.  Sites are asphalt and seem pretty level. I added the quick connect adapters to my fresh water hose. In this area, there were quite a few large Live Oaks. If you have a big rig with slides on both sides, you may have to watch the location of them. One of our group barely missed not being able to open one of their slides.  At this time of year, "inch" worms and army worms are everywhere and hanging from the trees. "You got worms!" seemed to be the "words of the week". 

We all loaded up and went to Anhalt Halle for the Anhalt Western Roundup. Rocky King Band started the show followed by Billy Mata & the Texas Tradition. There were vendors and a food truck there as well. I got a ring with a stone that picks up different colors at different angles. A couple of friends that we met in Bandera during Mardi Gras came out and joined us and they are fun people and fit right into our little group. Our group kept getting larger. The large Hall was built in 1908 by a group of Germans and it's been operating ever since. It's a very large hall and huge wooden arched trusses in the ceiling. The smaller, older section was built in the 1870's. 

Saturday, April 17

I got a new neighbor who was in a nice new van RV from Florida. Lana and her dog, Harley were real friendly. She stayed two nights and hung out with a friend who lives in the park full time. We were able to go the clubhouse to fix breakfast - at no charge. As long as it's not in use, it's a free park amenity. NICE! The guys fixed late breakfast in the clubhouse on Leroy's new Blackstone. We had bacon (how else are you going to break in a new cooktop?), eggs, potatoes, tortillas, blueberry muffins, cowboy coffee and great conversations. I love this group! They are fun and casual. 

Day 2 of the Roundup - after observations from yesterday, we brought lots of snack foods - chips, summer sausage, cheese crackers, etc. It was COLD in the very back where we were and there was a cold wind blowing in. Our friends that we met in Bandera were back with us again. It was a fun night, but I couldn't wait to get back to my camper and my HEATER! What is with these temps?!

  • Monte Good & the Honky Tonk Heroes
  • Jason Roberts Band
  • Jeff Woolsey & The Dancehall Kings

Sunday, April 18

I was up early (yes...again), fixed some coffee and walked around the park. It's fairly large so I didn't cover it all on foot. Some of the full-timers have hummingbird feeders and seed feeders out. I love the koi pond with it's little waterfall and little frog statues. I talked with Lana and we toured each other's RVs. I told her there was a dog park in the back of the park. My group had breakfast at Clubhouse again to get out of the wind. We had biscuits and gravy, and of course, bacon. I brought the supplies for Mimosas. Six people from our group left with 3 of the RVs and they weren't gone even 30 minutes and more rigs were pulling in. The place stays full, that's for sure. 

Took a nap and had a little relaxation time and then the few of us headed to Anhalt for round 3 with Jake Hooker. It was an afternoon thing and ended by 8 pm, so we were going to eat after at the Antler Café, but they were packed so we went down the road to  The Branch. The food was good (but not impressed with the Chicken Fried Steak that a friend got). Boiled shrimp was wonderful. For dessert, a couple of them got Molten Lava Cake with ice cream and I got a bite - YUM! They were literally licking the plates when they were done. I was stuffed from the shrimp. Got back to the camper and picked up a few things, read some email, watched a couple of YouTube videos from Texas RV Y'all and You, Me & the RV and called it a night. Something good is brewing for both of their Patreons. Are you in?

Monday, April 19

I woke up early. Note to self: YOU'RE ON VACATION! I can't sleep past my normal work get-up time. 🙄 It was peaceful in the park so I made my coffee, cleaned up a few things and sat outside to work on this log and greet the neighbors and pet the 4-footed ones. Met a BEAUTIFUL Golden Retriever that reminded me so much of my old dog Cheddar. This time of year, all the silk caterpillars are hanging from the trees. Watch your open cups of coffee…just sayin'. Check your clothes and hair before heading inside. Had coffee and a muffin with my friends.  

Stowed everything and packed up to head to phase 2 of my trip. Left to go to Bandera! It's my happy place.! 😊

My First Boondockers

 I recently signed up as a guest and host on the Boondockers Welcome site. For hosting, it's like you are a mini RV park and you offer ...