Splashway Water Park and Campground - The Adult Version

Had a great adult's weekend with friends in Sheridan, Texas. We camped at Splashway Water Park and Campground and there was so much to do while we were there, we never left. The shade and the breeze were wonderful even though the temps hovered around 100° for the highs. The park is large and spread out and has lots of greenspace, so we walked around with Pepper or drove around in the Kapel's golf carts. Dogs are allowed everywhere except in buildings or in the Water Park. Pepper liked being able to hang out with us most of the time. Added a new location to my Camping Adventures map. Look at this site! You can't get any closer to the entrance of the Water Park. We'll think about getting a season pass for next year and coming more often. Would like to check out their Wine Festival, Car Show or Halloween activities. It's a great place for kids, but not JUST for them. Adults can have just as much fun there. Splashway Waterpark & Campground Type of Park: Private Che

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