2022 Camping Recap

I will just say that 2022 has been a roller coaster year for me for sure. I started off the year hitting quite a few parks. I went a few places alone with my furry companion and some with my dancing/camping group of friends and a couple of them with just another couple and/or my guy. Pepper was included in most of these trips, of course. It was such an awesome summer!!! One of the best ever!  THEN things fell apart! I lost my guy and I started getting sick and there were trips to doctors and more needles than I ever needed to see and then the Cancer diagnosis and then chemo started up... ☠️ I have a chemo week which zaps my energy and gives me several other side effects for days and then I slowly climb back up on my "off" week and have managed a few short trips (with the help of my family and dance group). Then back down to the bottom of the roller coaster again the next week. If things had not taken a turn for the worst, th

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