Solo Camping

I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos of couples and families who RV full or part time. It's great to have help and have a system with a partner, but it can be done if you're a solo camper/traveler as well. I have a 21' travel trailer (plus the tongue) and I have gone on quite a few adventures this year. 

Matilda Mae and I camp alone sometimes and other times with a group of friends, especially if there is a honky tonk or old dancehall involved. As God would have it, I have been single for most of my adult life. I got to the point where I could sit at home and watch other people's adventures or I could get out there and have my own. The latter is lot more fun!

I had a pop-up camper for a couple years back before I found Matilda. I learned some of the processes then, but I didn't have the weight distribution hitch and sway bars. I've had her just over 2 years and I did not use her as much as I wanted the first year, so I have made the effort to get outside as much as possible this year. I've hit quite a few campgrounds and Boondockers Welcome (now with Harvest Hosts) sites this year. I'm getting my money's worth out of her!

I had a spontaneous weekend of camping this past weekend. I looked at the forecast and I knew Friday was windy as H***, but after 5ish, it was supposed to lay down and be a great camping weekend and it was! I got THE last spot at the Birch Creek Unit of Lake Somerville State Park. The COE parks were booked. I made the reservation without hesitation. I keep most things in the camper at all times and I usually just add fresh food and clothes. When I got home from work Friday, I was packed, loaded, hitched and ready to go in about an hour. It was REALLY windy, so I was taking my time. 

After I got to the lake and got all set up, the wind was already dying down. It was beautiful the rest of the weekend. I decided to film my process of hooking up my travel trailer and the end result is below. Not including bringing in the slide and unhooking and stowing the water hose and electrical cord, the hitch up process took just over 6 minutes. Setting back up at the house took about 10 minutes. But don't worry...the process is speeded up about 3x in the video.


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