Hiding and Seeking

Over the past week, I have been in a hiding and seeking mood and not just for a little bison tube with a tiny scroll of names and dates.  I carved two new stamps and got my boxes ready. I got one letterbox hidden in Bryan on Wednesday while I was at the Food For Families Food Drive all day. I listed it on AtlasQuest.com and I also posted it on Opencaching.US so both groups of seekers can log the box.  The instructions lead you on a small adventure to find Norman, the little mouse that lives in the woods. The first finder was topcrop and she suggested that this would be a good place for a series, so I went back out on Friday and hid the other box in the same general area. These are listed as This Bud's For You and Hummer Bird. I carved a small stamp called a Flea. This little stamp and its accompanying log can be passed from person to person or it can be placed in another box.  These "fleas" act like Travel Bugs on geocaching.com. I am starting it off in the Hummer Bird box.

That took care of the hiding part, now for the seeking!  I noticed there was a relatively new letterbox out at Birch Creek State Park (part of the Lake Somerville State Park system), so I went out there Saturday afternoon.  I also had the clue to another box in the same general area and both were on a mile and half loop trail.  I followed the clues to the first one and I looked and looked. None of the noted trees seemed right.  I back tracked to the split in the trail and re-counted my steps. Still nothing.  I looked on the opposite side of the trail and around lots of trees.  I finally gave up on that one and headed to pick up the other box. I found it with no problem.  I went back the way I came and looked around a little more for the first one.  It was getting dark, so I headed back on the trail and back to my car. I REALLY wanted to be the first to find that one box, so I was frustrated.  I stopped by my brother's house and told him and his roommate about my trials.  Then I told them the directions and showed them the clue.  Only THEN did I see the line before the split in the trail which said to go to the left, then go to the split (which would be the 2nd split).  I read that clue so many times, but somehow I kept jumping over that line in the directions.  <insert forehead slap here>  AAARRRRGGGGHHH!

Well, after church on Sunday, I decided to drive the 25 miles again to see if I could find it.  I walked right up to it this time.  I found the container, opened it up and....someone had already stamped it on the day it was published.   There was a little disappointment, but at least I found it.  There was a HUGE leaf-cutter ant colony just back up the trail.  When I saw it on Saturday, I had visions of an Indiana Jones movie. It was a little creepy.  Anyone coming down this trail needs to watch small children and pets. I got home and logged the find.  Later I received a message from the owner who told me the person that stamped the log with with them when the box was placed so that's why she didn't log it.  I was the first to find it then.  Yeah!  

It was really nice to hear the waves lapping at the shore while I stamped the boxes over this weekend.  Just a couple of months ago, this entire area was completely void of water. We are still in a drought condition, but it's better than it was. I got my exercise this weekend and got to hear lots of birds.  I didn't see the bald eagles, but I know they have been spotted around the Park in the past week or so.  If it wasn't for so many other activities on the calendar, this would have been a great weekend for camping.

Frustrations With Trying to Get a Cache Published

I was at a geocaching event last weekend and someone was mentioning that around their home, Letterbox Hybrids don't actually take you right to the cache.  You get close with your GPS (like to a trailhead or something) and then you follow clues to find the box like you do on real letterboxes.  I thought that sounded cool, so I thought I would try a couple.  I have some very small stamps, so I put out a couple of them in small containers (too small for ink pads or markers).  These have been listed on Opencaching.US along with the rest of the series, but I thought I'd share a couple with Geocaching.com trying the clues as we talked about since there are not a lot of Letterbox types around this area.

This was my cache description:
Short description:  LETTERBOX: Bring your own stamp pad/marker

Cache Description:

This is one in a series that we have placed around Burleson County.  These are small stamps and the log is 2" wide, but is 8 1/2" long.  You will need to bring your own stamp pad or marker since the container does not have one in it. Bring a pen. Watch for a little poison ivy on the way.
To make this more like an actual letterbox, you will need to follow these directions. Step away from the GPS and have fun.
In Snook, turn northeast (left if you are coming from FM 60) off of FM 2155 onto CR 269 and go about 1/2 mile until it dead-ends into CR 268. Turn left and then immediately right to continue on CR 269.  The dirt road will start here.  Go another 1/2 mile and you will cross a small wooden bridge.  Just passed the bridge, you will see a large tree on the right very close to the road. The cache will be hidden near the base. It's blue, so it should be easy to spot.  There is a good place to park just across the road.
In case you are not familiar with Letterboxes: 
  • Bring your own personal stamp (and stamp pad or marker)
  • Bring your own letterbox journal
  • Stamp your stamp in the cache log, sign and date it
  • Use the stamp in the cache to stamp your journal so you will have a record of your visit
I put the Starting Point coordinates about 1/2 mile from the actual cache container.  The final coordinates were listed as another waypoint set so that Prime Reviewer could see it.

Disabled by PR and this was the comment:

To make this more like an actual letterbox, you will have to follow these directions. Step away from the GPS and have fun.

Hybrids are just regular caches, that may be posted elsewhere as letterbox caches. The posted coordinates should be for the actual cache coordinates, and people should be able to find them using GPS navigation, as with any other cache. You can include the letterbox-style clues on the cache page, if you like, but only as an optional way to find the cache.

How To Respond:
Respond by posting a new Reviewer Note. Go to the cache page in question, and click on Log Your Visit. Select "Post Reviewer Note" as the log type, and enter your message. Doing that, I'll know exactly what cache your message pertains to, which will speed the communication process. Reviewer Notes are automatically removed when a cache is approved, so no one else will see them. I will receive your Reviewer Notes because I have placed your cache on my watchlist. Once the review process is over, it will be removed from the watchlist.

If you're reading this as email, don't reply to the sending address. It won't reach me. Follow the contact instructions above.

If more than 60 days have passed without a response, the cache page will be considered abandoned. Abandoned cache pages may be archived at a future date without notice.

OK...so I went in and removed the Starting Point coordinates and put the actual coordinates of the cache and submitted Version 2.  My note to ReviewerThis should be ready now. The GPS coords are where the box is, but people can use the description as well.

Disabled again with this comment: Signing letterbox-hybrid letterbox style is completely optional. People can simply sign the log, if they like. Your cache page is full of imperative statements implying that people have to bring a stamp, rather than just signing the log. You need to edit this so that it's understood that stamping is completely optional.

Revision 3.  I added more "optional" wording.  My comment:  Not trying to be difficult, but y'all are way to restrictive and picky about certain things. Why didn't you say this at first so I could correct everything at once? Try it now. I added the "Optional" language to it. Trust me, from logs that I've seen on other letterbox types, cachers will, more often than not, normally just sign their name and date. My instructions just make it more fun and help those that are new at this type to enjoy it a little more.

Disabled again with this comment:  quote:

LETTERBOX: Bring your own stamp pad/marker

You will need to bring your own stamp pad or marker since the container does not have one in it.

 This won't cut it. You need to be consistent throughout. You're telling people what that HAVE to do at the top of the page, then saying it's option at the bottom.
Revision 4.  I went in and added even more "optional" wording. The description now reads as follows (Revisions are highlighted in Blue):
This is one in a series that we have placed around Burleson County.  These are small stamps and the log is 2" wide, but is 8 1/2" long.  If you are wanting to use the stamp, you will need to bring your own stamp pad or marker since the container does not have one in it. Bring a pen. Watch for a little poison ivy on the way.

To make this more like an actual letterbox, you can follow these directions. Step away from the GPS and have fun.
(Same directions as the original submission listed abover).
In case you are not familiar with Letterboxes, the following is optional, but makes the letterboxing experience complete:
  • Bring your own personal stamp (and stamp pad or marker)
  • Bring your own letterbox journal
  • Stamp your stamp in the cache log, sign and date it
  • Use the stamp in the cache to stamp your journal so you will have a record of your visit

My comment (yes, I'm frustrated by this point): This is my last attempt to submit these letterboxes on your site. There are cachers out there that specifically search for letterbox types and I'm trying to add to a scarcity of them around this area. Either you want a good variety of cache types or you don't.
Disabled again: quote:

LETTERBOX: Bring your own stamp pad/marker

Last try to get you to remove or edit this additional logging requirement. Unless it's clear throughout the cache page that using a letterbox type stamp is completely optional, the cache page cannot be published. Are you interested in actually putting out caches, or are you more interested in making people only log them the way you want them to?
Seriously?! That quoted section above is the short description of the cache.  To be honest, I didn't even look at that part when adding all of the "Optional" wording in the first 4 revisions to the actual Description area, but there is enough "If you want" and "optional" wording that it should be clear enough.  I now perfectly understand Prime Reviewer's icon.
I'm done! At this point, I don't care if it gets published or not.  I see other LB Hybrids in Texas that say to bring an ink pad and to use the stamps and use your own stamp. Another random one I looked at had "The cache is not at the listed coordinates" and had the directional info as I tried to do at first.  So why is this one receiving so much opposition?!  There are only a limited number of hoops I am willing to jump through.  I am going to archive the other one and this one too if there is ONE more disabled message.  This, along with other Letterbox caches that I have (and there are several in this series), will remain on Opencaching.US where reviewers are not so uptight.  Please check the listings in/around Snook, TX for 70+ caches.

Camping at the Coast

8/10/12 San Luis Pass County Park, Freeport, TX - Site #5

We decided to take a mini-vacation weekend at the beach and our cousins (Randa, Wade and Lance) came with us. We left after work on Friday, got loaded up and headed out. After stopping for something to eat and gas, we didn't arrive until 10:30 pm. The State Park was full, so we booked this place up the beach. This was a nice spot and lots of people were still out fishing.  There was one type of fish that jumped up out of the water alot.  We walked on the beach part and saw some little ghost crabs.

I went to pay for our spot the next morning.  The office was nice and had 3 large aquariums with various salt-water fish in it.  They also had a young raccoon as a pet and the boys enjoyed petting it.  The staff was very friendly.  We stayed for a while in the morning waiting on a spot to open at the State Park.  There were some Mallards that were nestled down in the grass just outside our camper and we all had fun feeding them. There were some wade fishermen out this morning.  I found 2 caches here.  This is also a starting point for one of the Texas Paddling Trails.  If you have a kayak or canoe or like to fish, I recommend trying this place out.

8/11/12 Galveston Island State Park, Galveston, TX - Site #4

We left San Luis Pass about mid-morning and headed up to Galveston.  The spots were still full, but we picked one out, dropped the camper in the day-use area and went into Galveston to go eat.  We hit a little souvenir shop at the far end of the seawall that had everything for $4.99 or 3/$10.  Cool!  We all got something.  We stopped to eat at Benno's Cajun Seafood.  YUM!!!!!  Everything was great including the bread pudding as a dessert.  I was full, but I just had to try it.  I highly recommend this place!  The boys all got boogie boards at another souvenir shop near the restaurant and we headed back to set up the camper.

We put on our suits and walked to the beach to play in the surf, build sand castles, look for shells and other beachy-type activities.  There were lots of dead fish on the beach, but it was just one species, so we weren't worried about a red tide or anything. There was hardly any seaweed in the water.

For supper, we went down to a little shop next to Dolphin World.  After buying a few more souvenirs, we got burgers to eat.  $1.99 bottled beer?  Whoo-hoo!  We then drove up the seawall to let the boys watch the volcano erupt at the Rain Forest Cafe and I took them all in to do the River Ride there.  We drove further up to check out all the lights on the Pleasure Pier rides.  It was pretty cool to watch the ferris wheel.  It looked like a kaleidoscope since the patterns and colors changed often.

Sunday morning included another trip to the beach, showers and taking down the camper.  It was a nice relaxing, no set schedule, weekend.


Over the last few days, 11 kids, 6 adults and 4 cars drove almost 1500 miles (there and back) to do a missions trip in Baltimore, MD.  We left at 5:00 am on July 6.  877 miles on day 1 through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, a small section of Georgia and then we stayed the night at Morris Hill Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN (and we lost an hour when we got there).  They had a really nice rec room and a gym upstairs.  Our kids thought they'd made it to Heaven.

Day 2 was a 650 mile journey through Tennessee, Virginia, a tiny section of West Virginia and then Maryland. We arrived at Stillmeadow EFC in Baltimore, MD as a wedding was taking place, so we went to visit the Kings (who used to live in College Station) about 15 minutes away.  Our group from Hope EFC stayed on the floor of the upper classrooms with a group from New Jersey.  37 people and ONE shower for a week and believe it or not, the shower schedule actually worked pretty well.

We put on a Block Party, passed out VBS flyers and did prayer walks, put on a VBS for about 50 kids for 4 nights including creating all of the decor, games and craft materials, distributed food and paper goods from the Food Pantry, passed out more food on another day, did a neighborhood clean up and sang at a local nursing home.  There were at least 5 conversions to Christ that we know of and we made lots of smiles happen this week.

Wednesday was a free day during the day. Some of the Texas crew went to Washington DC. I got to go with DudleyGrunt (Dave Self) to go find some caches that were listed on Opencaching.US, Terracaching.com and Geocaching.com.  There were regular caches, virtual caches, an earthcache and an event set up in my honor.  There were Munzees along the way, too.  Some of the New Jersey folks spent the day around the Baltimore Harbor.

When we left on Saturday morning, our Texas group went back to Washington DC for more sight-seeing after taking a ride on the Metro (and I picked up a few more virtual caches and Munzees). There is so much history around this area, you just can't do it all in one day. We got to stay in beds and on couches at some relatives/friends of our Youth Coordinator in Virginia.  We had our group spread out among 3 houses, so we only had a couple people at a time that had to share showers. Whoop!

Sunday was the short drive, if you can call 650 miles short, to Tennessee again to the Baptist church.  Monday was the long drive home (850 miles), but we got our hour back.  When we got back to Hope EFC around 9:00 pm, there was a nice welcome back party for us.  Ice cream and sodas!  It was a long week and we had a lot of fun, but we also served a good purpose in Baltimore and it was very rewarding.  But...it was soooooooooo nice to be back in my own bed.  After we catch up on sleep, we might be ready to do this again.

Busy Summer

Wow! The calendar sure has been busy lately.  This past weekend was Snook Farm Fest where I had an AdvoCare/Popcorn Shirt booth.  It was dang hot out there and crowds were low, but I did make a few  sales that made it worth while. The breeze (wind) felt good, but it wasn't good for the clothes rack and signs that kept blowing down.

Note to self: No more outdoor booths after May 1 and before October 1.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on props for our EFCA church camp and going to skit practices.  Each Wednesday, we have also been working on our BUMP (Building Urban Missions Project) trainings.  Starting Sunday, we will be working at the camp.  It's always a lot of work, but rewarding as well.  If we can help even ONE more soul make it to Heaven, then it is all worth it.

At work, I've been working on creating a manual for a PowerPoint 101 class.  I'll be conducting the first training this week.  I'm also doing web trainings to prepare for taking exams to get the Microsoft Office Specialist certification for 2010 versions.

We've been so busy, I haven't even had the time to do much geocaching at all lately, though I did manage to deploy one BIT cache sticker on Opencaching.US.  I can't seem to make any of the podcasts at the live times, so I try to keep up with the recorded versions while I'm in the car commuting to work or one of these functions. It's always cool to hear names of cachers I know (or know of) in the various podcasts. I've had some trouble with internet connections at home, too, so that doesn't help.

Our BUMP trip is to Baltimore in July and I'll be one of the drivers. ~1400 miles one-way and I'll be hauling 1 other adult and 3-4 kids.  I'm going to need new tires before we go. $$$$ and another errand!

Snook Farm Fest this Saturday

I'm getting things ready for Snook Farm Fest this Saturday.  I'll be having a booth with the popcorn shirts and other clothing from The Magic Scarf Company.  Part of my booth and the booth next to me will be for AdvoCare.  I'll be sharing this part with Kasey Brown.  We'll have lots of items on hand for purchase and will also be taking orders so you don't have to carry things around at the Festival.

Look for me under the Texas flag canopy.

Challenge - Complete!

Well, here it is  - 24 days later. I've gained more energy and have started a membership at Aerofit a little over a week ago.  I've gotten to work out about twice a week.  I'll be honest, I don't do a high-impact workout, but I do work for about an hour or so each time.  My son has enjoyed going to the gym with me. Bonus!

OK...the before and after...same exact clothes...

I have lost an overall 4 pounds and have dropped a total of 8.5".  For the assessment, I took measurements around my right arm, shoulders, chest, waist, hips, right thigh and right calf.  I think the workouts have helped. Last weekend I had a conference over in League City and I didn't stick very close to the diet. The food at the conference was just too good and the desserts were calling my name!  I didn't try too hard the last few days.  I did take the pills every day and I'm beginning to see more and progress as the days go by.  I've had the shakes for breakfast most of the days of the Max phase (except during the conference where I ate breakfast at the hotel). I have not a had a single cup of coffee in 24 days and only a few glasses of tea (unsweet)...and that's a sacrifice since I LOVE sweet tea!  I've had ONE bowl of Blue Bell (ice cream for those that are not lucky enough to have it in your part of the world). I've had more salads, fruit and nuts in the last few weeks that I have had in the last year.  I've only had fries with lunch a few times.  Biggest change...I actually eat something for breakfast!  I used to just skip this meal most of the time.

Conclusions:  It works!  I'm sure some people have better results and some may have even less.  I like the Peaches & Cream Fiber Drinks better than the Citrus ones (it seems smoother).  I LOVE the Spark and Pink Lemonade is my favorite overall.  I didn't have any adverse reactions to the vitamins in the Max phase. Chocolate Shakes are good. The Berry is good too. I have not tried the Vanilla.  I tried the Fruit & Fiber bar as a snack one day - YUM!  I'm going to continue on with the Max 3 Kit since it has a variety of shakes and Spark flavors and I am going to try adding Catalyst as I hear very good things about it.  I have definitely gotten a good kick start to a new me. This isn't a "diet", it's a lifestyle change and I'm more conscious of the things I put (and don't put) into my body now.

Challenge - Day 11

Happy Mother's Day!  It's Day 11 and today started the Max Phase of the 24-Day Challenge.  The Cleanse phase is done and my body should be ready to kick in gear with this phase. No more Fiber Drinks!

The day started with a Spark and the "Before Breakfast" pill pack from the Max 3 box.  Followed about 30 minutes later with a Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake and the 2 "With a Meal" packets, then off to church.
Wow, the shakes are filling.

At church, we were blessed to have the "Crosstalk" handle all of the music for the service. It was a nice change and we had a large crowd for this Sunday.

After we got  home, I took the "Before Lunch" packet while I made my dessert, Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs, that I found on Pinterest. I made a couple of modifications to it.  I used the Sugar Free Angel Food Cake and instead of the chocolate, I get brought along a can of Light Whipped Cream in a can. We went to my cousin's house for lunch - BBQ Chicken. MMM!  I tried my best to eat the healthier selections, but I wasn't 100% good today.  That was pretty much it for the new daily routine for the next 14 days, except the Spark in the afternoon and a couple of OmegaPlex with supper.

I added the "Before Lunch" packet as a calendar reminder for 11:30 am for each day so I will remember these at the right time during the day while I'm at work.

I'm trying to avoid the scale and I have not measured myself again, but I KNOW I have more energy than I used to.  So much so that I have looked into gym memberships and started a 3-day trial at Aerofit in Bryan.  I was able to take my son and his cousin for a couple of workouts this weekend.  I will be starting a family membership for my son and I next week.  Added bonus of this new energy...it's going to get my son away from the TV a little more too! :)

Challenge - Day 8

Today the regimen changed a little again.  I start the day with the Probiotic Restore and water, then I have a Spark.  I got some samples of products from my upline Advisor, so I've mixed it up a little for variety.  This morning I tried the Mango-Strawberry Spark.  MMMM! This is a good choice for a morning wake-up.  (Yesterday morning, instead of the Spark, I had a Strawberry Blast Slam that came in my Distributor Kit.)

After the Spark, it was back to the Fiber Drink.  I used the sample of the Peaches & Cream and it was much smoother than the Citrus one.  More water.  For breakfast, I tried the  Berry Meal Replacement Shake and a couple of the OmegaPlex.  That was handy to carry around as I got ready for work and was a nice change of pace.  The rest of the day will go as normal except there are no more Herbal Cleanse tablets to take tonight.

My goal is to lose inches more than pounds.  I have not done any measurements, but I did take a peek at the scale today.  Down 3 pounds!  I hardly ever drank water before and now I constantly have water with me...and I LIKE it. I have a box of Grape Spark that I keep at work for the afternoon snack time and I'm becoming a fan of roasted almonds.  I have done well at sticking to the recommended and not recommended lists for the Cleanse.  I have not had a single glass of my favorite Sweet Tea and I have not so much as had a taste of Blue Bell!  I should be finished with this phase in time for Mother's Day, then onto the Max phase.

Wish me luck!

Challenge - Day 4

No Fiber Drink today! The daily regimen changed a little today.  Instead of the Fiber Drink, I take a pack of the Probiotic Restore from the Cleanse pack. I've been trying to be good and am eating lots of veggies, fruit and drinking lots of water.

Last night at the LaBahia NPSOT Plant Swap and Dinner, I resisted the temptation to eat a bunch of stuff that was not on the "good" list. It was difficult to turn down good homemade chocolate chip cookies. I even turned down an adult beverage and just had a bottle of water.

After church today, a group of us went to Fish Daddy's.  I got the salad with grilled lemon pepper chicken.  Man!  I LOVE fried shrimp! :( This is tough, but I can do this!

So far, of all the Spark® drinks, I think I like the Pink Lemonade the best.  I've tried that, Grape, Mandarin Orange, Fruit Punch and Citrus.  I haven't tried the Cherry, but that's because I personally don't like the flavor of cherry in anything. Reminds me too much of cough syrup. I still need to try the Mango Strawberry.

Low point of the day:  Yesterday I got stung by a Yellow Jacket (wasp) on the back of my arm.  Today it is STILL hot to the touch and I have a very large red patch on my arm.  I got a prescription for antibiotics and something else to help take care of it. I hope it works because it's very uncomfortable right now.  Needless to say...that dang wasp nest is no longer. Mwah-ha-ha!

24-Day Challenge

Day 1 - 5/3/12 - 158#
Yesterday I started the AdvoCare® 24-Day Challenge to see if I can lose some weight (and more importantly, inches). I am starting at 158 pounds and more inches than I care to carry. I hope I can lose some of this spare tire effect around my belly.

Day 1 starts with the 10-Day Cleanse phase.  I started the day with a Pink Lemonade Spark.  30 minutes later was the Fiber Drink.  This part was not pleasant to me, but I got it done.  More water.  Then I grabbed a boiled egg for breakfast and a handful of grapes and water.  Added 2 OmegaPlex capsules and another glass of water.

Note to self: Boil more eggs and get other options for breakfast.
Off to work. Wouldn't you just know it?!  One of my co-workers brought in fresh, hot Shipley's Donuts.  I resisted the temptation - BARELY.  Mid-morning snack was another handful of grapes and water that I sipped all day.

For lunch, I went to Chick-fil-a and got one of the Grilled Chicken and Fruit salads.  I love this place. I skipped my usual Sweet Tea and just got water.  So I sit at a booth and next to me is a LARGE advertisement for the shakes and ice cream.  Torture!  I love the Cookies & Cream one.  I'll have to try this salad again though. I love every bit of fruit on it.

Afternoon snack of grapes.  Dang it!  I forgot to bring extra packets of Spark, so I just had water.  I hit the grocery after work and picked up more healthy things to have in the house. Supper was a steak and baked potato with just a spritz of the zero calorie spray butter and carrots. Another glass of water.  Bedtime was time for the Herbal Cleanse packet of 3 pills and, you guessed it, another glass of water.  I'm going to float away. 23 days to go...

SETX Spring Fling

Village Creek State Park, Lumberton, TX - Site #6 - 2 nights.  ~160 miles from home

I headed out for the campground on Friday after getting off work at 3 pm.  I had the camper all loaded up and hooked up to the car on the way to work.  It was about  a 3 hour drive and when I got there the office was already closed for the day. I would just have to pick an open site and check in the next morning.  I met a cacher named MudFrog and he offered to help me get the camper set up.

After everything was up and ready to go, we went over to the Pavillion for the first event. I met a few more cachers from the SETX area. We ended up at the campsite of P.J. Trahan and family.  At 11:00 pm, the new caches posted and we hit the trails.  We found one FTF. We looked for a long time on others with no luck. We found some poker run boxes though. We were on the trails until 1:30 am.

I got up later that morning (which would have been early had we not been up so late already) and hit the trails again in the daylight.  One that we couldn't find had already disappeared and it had been replaced. We found it with a few other cachers.  We saw TheKJun1 on the trail and he was keeping a sharp eye on a snake up in a shrub. One person stayed on snake patrol and the rest of us looked for the cache.  I found it!  FTF for us!  This park has a lot of really nicely kept trails.

I then gathered up all of the GxProxy stuff and headed for the Pvillion for the main event as I was setting out a table for them. There was lots of good food and good sales. I didn't win any door prizes though. :(

The after-event was at P.J.'s campsite again.  Several of us went to find a night cache and a letterbox hybrid - my favorite!

Sunday morning, I picked up a real letterbox (not a geocache) and the TPWD Parks Challenge cache and then loaded up to head home.  I stopped on the way home to add another virtual cache on Opencaching.US.

This was the event of the chiggers!  Everyone is itching and miserable.

More pictures can be seen below.

AdvoCare Independent Distributor

I just signed up to be a Distributor for AdvoCare and I'm excited about receiving my starter kit soon.  I'll be trying out the 24-day Challenge here pretty soon and I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.  If you should need any products or have any questions feel free to contact me.

From their site:

Since 1993, AdvoCare® has been a world-class nutrition company specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance. Navigate through this site to learn more about our cutting-edge nutritional supplements and skincare as well as the opportunity to earn a full time income with a part time commitment by sharing AdvoCare products with others.
Our products are formulated by an elite Scientific and Medical Advisory Board with over 200 years combined experience in pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, sports performance and pediatrics. We have a multitude of product endorsers that includes professional athletes, champion amateur athletes, and acclaimed entertainers.

366 Day Caching Calendar - FILLED!

Friday is my 2-year cache-iversary and I filled my calendar as of today!!! 

35 of the finds are on +OpenCaching North America
19 are on #Terracaching.com 
and the rest are on +Geocaching.com

Task complete!!!

Diversified Cacher Contest Results

Thanks to all of those cachers who stepped out in many new directions during February.  I'm quite sure that most of these would have been found and/or placed regardless of this contest, but maybe some were a direct result of it.  I only had 10 forms that were turned in.  I know of a few others that said they were working on it earlier in the month, but I did not receive their entries. I'm disappointed that I didn't receive more, especially from the more local folks, but I'm going with what I've got.  Congrats to the winners.  Prize packages will be going out next week.

Many thanks to those who donated items for prizes:
Opencaching.com (Garmin)

The following is a cumulative total of all the entries received in this Diversified Cacher Contest. Totals for each task in the contest can be found on my website.

Caches FOUND
Geocaching.com - 104
Opencaching.com - 5
Opencaching.us - 9
Terracaching.com - 23

Geocaching.com - 10
Opencaching.com - 5
Opencaching.us - 17
Terracaching.com - 9

Geocaching.com moved - 10
GeoKrety.org moved - 4
GeoKrety.org created - 7

February Calendars Filled - 7

Texas Challenge Registrants - 2

Oh yeah...you want to know the winners, right?

1st Place (29): Bicycle_Junkie - Thrall, TX

2nd Place (28): nighthawk700 - Pikesville, MD

Tied for 3rd (25): Cachew Knutz - Fredericksburg, VA 
                       and sfcchaz - Glen Burnie, MD

The number in parenthesis are the number of tasks completed out of a possible 31.

Diversified Cacher Contest

By NativTxn

This contest period will run through February 29, 2012.  Complete as many of the tasks listed below as possible.  All finds, hides, etc. must take place on or after February 1, 2012 unless otherwise stated.  You will have until March 7, 2012 to return your entry form to me.  Good luck and most importantly - HAVE FUN!

  • Stay tuned to my website for the most up-to-date list of prizes

One entry form per cacher. A cache may only be used on one task.

Include the Cache ID, Cache Name and Log Date on each item.  

A task may be completed on any listing site unless specified.

    1. Find a cache with a size larger than “Small”.GxNomad
    2. Attend an Event.
    3. Find a Virtual cache.
    4. Find a Puzzle/Mystery/Unknown cache.
    5. Find a Locationless cache.
    6. Find a Multi-Stage cache.
    7. Find a Letterbox Hybrid.
    8. Complete a Where I Go cache.
    9. Find any cache on Geocaching.com.
    10. Find any cache on Opencaching.US (or any Opencaching Network site).
    11. Find any cache on Terracaching.com.
    12. Find any cache on Opencaching.com (Garmin).
    13. Place a cache on Geocaching.com.
    14. Place a cache on Opencaching.US (or any Opencaching Network site).
    15. Place a cache on Terracaching.com.
    16. Place a cache on Opencaching.com (Garmin).
    17. Place a Virtual cache.
    18. Create a BIT cache (Opencaching.US only)
    19. Find a cache more than 100 miles from your home location.
    20. Find one of my caches on Opencaching.US (in Texas and Louisiana).
    21. Find one of my caches on Geocaching.com (in Texas only).
    22. Find one of my caches on Terracaching.com (includes Locationless ones).
    23. Find a cache with a Kid/Family Friendly attribute.
    24. Find a cache with a 5 Difficulty or Terrain rating.
    25. Find a cache/attend an event on Valentine’s Day.
    26. Find a cache/attend an event on February 29. 
    27. Move a Geocaching.com trackable (List the TB number (not tracking code) and dates of Retrieve and Drop)
    28. Move a GeoKrety.org trackable  (List the GK number (not tracking code) and dates of Retrieve and Drop)
    29. Create your own GeoKrety.org trackable (List GK number, not the tracking code)
    30. Fill every day in February on your 366-day cache calendar. (Does not have to be just this year).  If using multiple sites, post the calendar from GSAK accessible on your Geocaching.com profile or other location (See my Caching Stats page or Geocaching.com profile for a sample).  List URL of Finds by Found Date calendar.
Bonus:  If you are registered to attend the MEGA Event, 10th Annual Texas Challenge 2012 (GC33CNK), what Team are you registered with?  Hunting or Non-Hunting, doesn't matter.

Click here to enter online.

Click here for Printable Form.

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