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I am an Aggie, class of '92, and have been an Administrative Assistant at the City of Bryan for over 23 years and am currently in the Information Technology department where I have presented numerous training sessions for City staff.

I am a single mom of a young man in college and a Rat Terrier named Dixie. I enjoy Munzee-a world-wide scavenger hunt game, working in my yard, travelling when I can and is an active member of her church handling their website, social media and Sunday morning PowerPoints.

I earned the Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) certification and later added the Certified Administrative Professional with the Organizational Management designation (CAP, OM) though the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) and have re-certified twice. I have been active in the IAAP since 2008. I started earning the Master level Microsoft Office Specialist certification beginning with version 2003 and have completed every version through 2013. I am currently working on completing the 2016 version. I attained the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) certification in September of 2017.

I love participating in location-based games. It's like a scavenger hunt for kids and adults of all ages. Hiding is as much fun as finding for me.  I started geocaching in March 2010 and I have really enjoyed it. I'm constantly surprised by the number of parks and trails that I never knew existed around my area.I've been to places that I would have never seen if not for these scavenger hunts and I've made some really cool new friends. I started finding, carving and placing letterboxes in 2012 and I'm hooked!  I love the creativity of the stamps and homemade logbooks and no GPS is required. You can print your clues and go low-tech from there (even though I'm a high-tech person most of the time). Batteries never die on a piece of paper. You can even go "postal" and get boxes delivered to your mailbox.

I dabble in all of the sites listed below, but I spend a majority of my time on Munzee. Look for me as NativTxn on all of them.

If you hide it, they will come...

My Stats
Opencaching US - Statistics for NativTxnLetterboxing Stats for NativTxn  my geokrets statistics 

I have a Thumbs Up Virtual Garden of Munzees in College Station, TX.  Mystery Virtuals are preferred, but I'll accept regular virtuals as well. Colors are optional.  I have a Thank You Social for anyone that places a Munzee in the spreadsheet.

My Hummingbird Haven:
I enjoy working in my 1-acre yard and I like using native plants when I can.  They tend to do better than most other plants and take a lot less water and attention. Of course, there are always the pass-a-long plants and others that catch my eye, too.  I cater to the hummingbirds, since they are my favorite, but I also have plants for bees, butterflies and other wildlife. I have 3 bluebird houses and have had multiple clutches of eggs to hatch and fledge out into the world. My next big item on the "wish list" is to add a real pond.  Right now, all I have is a "puddle".  They are just a couple of little ponds about 2 feet across, but they have already held frogs and snakes and provide extra water for the birds.

My yard is certified as Backyard Wildlife Habitat #48908 with the National Wildlife Federation.  On May 20, 2008 it was certified as Texas Wildscapes #4018

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