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I am an Aggie, class of '92, and have been an Administrative Assistant at the City of Bryan for over 23 years and am currently in the Information Technology department where I have presented numerous training sessions for City staff.

I am a single mom of a young man in college and a Rat Terrier named Dixie. I enjoy Munzee-a world-wide scavenger hunt game, working in my yard, travelling when I can and is an active member of her church handling their website, social media and Sunday morning PowerPoints.

I love participating in location-based games. It's like a scavenger hunt for kids and adults of all ages. Hiding is as much fun as finding for me.  I started geocaching in March 2010 and I have really enjoyed it. I'm constantly surprised by the number of parks and trails that I never knew existed around my area.I've been to places that I would have never seen if not for these scavenger hunts and I've made some really cool new friends. I started finding, carving and placing letterboxes in 2012 and I'm hooked!  I love the creativity of the stamps and homemade logbooks and no GPS is required. You can print your clues and go low-tech from there (even though I'm a high-tech person most of the time). Batteries never die on a piece of paper. You can even go "postal" and get boxes delivered to your mailbox.

I dabble in all of the sites listed below, but I spend a majority of my time on Munzee. Look for me as NativTxn on all of them.

If you hide it, they will come...

My Stats
Opencaching US - Statistics for NativTxnLetterboxing Stats for NativTxn  my geokrets statistics 

I have a Thumbs Up Virtual Garden of Munzees in College Station, TX.  Mystery Virtuals are preferred, but I'll accept regular virtuals as well. Colors are optional.  I have a Thank You Social for anyone that places a Munzee in the spreadsheet.

My Hummingbird Haven:
I enjoy working in my 1-acre yard and I like using native plants when I can.  They tend to do better than most other plants and take a lot less water and attention. Of course, there are always the pass-a-long plants and others that catch my eye, too.  I cater to the hummingbirds, since they are my favorite, but I also have plants for bees, butterflies and other wildlife. I have 3 bluebird houses and have had multiple clutches of eggs to hatch and fledge out into the world. My next big item on the "wish list" is to add a real pond.  Right now, all I have is a "puddle".  They are just a couple of little ponds about 2 feet across, but they have already held frogs and snakes and provide extra water for the birds.

My yard is certified as Backyard Wildlife Habitat #48908 with the National Wildlife Federation.  On May 20, 2008 it was certified as Texas Wildscapes #4018

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