Diversified Cacher Contest Results

Thanks to all of those cachers who stepped out in many new directions during February.  I'm quite sure that most of these would have been found and/or placed regardless of this contest, but maybe some were a direct result of it.  I only had 10 forms that were turned in.  I know of a few others that said they were working on it earlier in the month, but I did not receive their entries. I'm disappointed that I didn't receive more, especially from the more local folks, but I'm going with what I've got.  Congrats to the winners.  Prize packages will be going out next week.

Many thanks to those who donated items for prizes:
Opencaching.com (Garmin)

The following is a cumulative total of all the entries received in this Diversified Cacher Contest. Totals for each task in the contest can be found on my website.

Caches FOUND
Geocaching.com - 104
Opencaching.com - 5
Opencaching.us - 9
Terracaching.com - 23

Geocaching.com - 10
Opencaching.com - 5
Opencaching.us - 17
Terracaching.com - 9

Geocaching.com moved - 10
GeoKrety.org moved - 4
GeoKrety.org created - 7

February Calendars Filled - 7

Texas Challenge Registrants - 2

Oh yeah...you want to know the winners, right?

1st Place (29): Bicycle_Junkie - Thrall, TX

2nd Place (28): nighthawk700 - Pikesville, MD

Tied for 3rd (25): Cachew Knutz - Fredericksburg, VA 
                       and sfcchaz - Glen Burnie, MD

The number in parenthesis are the number of tasks completed out of a possible 31.


  1. Thank you for running the contest! Looking forward to the next one. Hoping, that is.

    Not to be a pain, but I'd love to see totals for each item, if you get a chance, at some point.

  2. Check my website for the individual task totals.

  3. "I'm quite sure that most of these would have been found and/or placed regardless of this contest"

    Nope. While I've dabbled in OpenCaching.US before, I haven't touched Terracaching or OpenCaching.com until this contest. I've also looked at GeoKrets but never went ahead and found or created one until now. Thanks for the contest to push us in new directions. Now if only I had the time and money to fly out to Texas to grab your caches there. ;-) Congrats to Bicycle_Junkie!

  4. It event got me off my "couch" and out to place a few OCUS hides I'd had planned, but hadn't placed yet. Hopefully, that'll carry over to this month and I'll get some more up.

  5. I didn't get off geocaching.com and try all this, but I must admit that the contest tempted me to do so. Maybe next time! -- Mrs.Hoagie

    1. Even on just geocaching.com, you could have completed quite a few tasks since many of them were "Any listing site". I'll run another one this summer. You can decide if you're a full-fledged geocacher or just a geocaching.com'er. :)

  6. I really think the contest was cool and I am glad to see NativTxn help us step out into the world of diversification. It makes the world seem a bit smaller and closer to all of our geocaching friends. Thank you for the effort.


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