I have been working on an 11-hour Excel Essentials for the Real World course (broken up into many small sessions) from XelPlus and I have completed the course and requirements to get my newest badge! 🏅 

This course was way more informative than I expected (and beyond the basics) and I loved the self-paced, never expiring format. I was able to do most of this outside of my normal work hours and in between other items on my calendar and I'm glad I'll be able to go back over segments that I need to review again later down the line. 

Leila Gharani is very knowledgeable, but is able to present and train in bite-sized pieces and includes practice files, quizzes and challenges to make sure you learn what she is teaching. She is as skilled at presenting as she is with Excel itself. 

I look forward to going through more of her courses and I love her Shorts on YouTube. Even as a Microsoft Certified Trainer for over 7 years myself, I still find tips and tricks from various trainers that I didn't know (or forgot if I don't use them often) or that I can pass on to those that attend my sessions. 

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