Kicking Cancer's Butt

For those that have been following my cancer journey, I have marked off another milestone! I had my MediPort removed on March 19, 2024.

The wait in the office took longer than the procedure itself. After several deadening shots, (Ugh! I hate those things!), Dr. Bryan Parrent had the port out in no time flat. A couple stitches and some "superglue" and I was good to go. The alien is gone!

As soon as the bruising and incision are healed, you won't hardly be able to notice anything different. 

The last lingering effect...I still have neuropathy and tingling in my feet and my fingertips. I'm not walking on my hands, so the feet is still the critical part. Come on my Prayer Warriors! Do your thing! 🙏🏻

I love my team of doctors, nurses and staff at the Cancer Clinic in Bryan and St. Luke's Medical Center in Houston. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in this situation.

Are you feeling "off"? GET SCREENED!!! Early detection was the biggest key in this whole equation. 

✅ Bloodwork
✅ CT Scans
✅ Endoscopic procedure and biopsy
✅ MediPort install
✅ Chemo (8 rounds in a row - every other week)
✅ Recovery from chemo
✅ Whipple surgery
✅ Recovery from surgery
✅ More Chemo (3 rounds)
✅ Follow-up bloodwork and CT scan
✅ Port removal
⬜ Feet and Fingers return to normal

My motto from the beginning has been...

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway