2022 Camping Recap

I will just say that 2022 has been a roller coaster year for me for sure. I started off the year hitting quite a few parks. I went a few places alone with my furry companion and some with my dancing/camping group of friends and a couple of them with just another couple and/or my guy. Pepper was included in most of these trips, of course. It was such an awesome summer!!! One of the best ever! 

THEN things fell apart! I lost my guy and I started getting sick and there were trips to doctors and more needles than I ever needed to see and then the Cancer diagnosis and then chemo started up... ☠️

I have a chemo week which zaps my energy and gives me several other side effects for days and then I slowly climb back up on my "off" week and have managed a few short trips (with the help of my family and dance group). Then back down to the bottom of the roller coaster again the next week. If things had not taken a turn for the worst, there would have been quite a few more trips on this list!

Even though my travels have slowed since mid-August and I have not posted many blog posts or videos, you can still follow me on most social media with #nativtxntravels

🔹🔷 The 2022 Recap 🔷🔹

24 Adventures - 47 Nights

As you can tell, most of my travel is over a weekend. Got that J-O-B so I can afford to keep travelling. I prefer multiple night stays, but sometimes the calendar or the weather or my health only allow one night and I jump on it if I can. 

Parks with an * were new adventures.

🏕️ Types of Parks


1 place only for 2 nights
Had more plans for some in the summer and beyond, but...


2 parks - 2 stays - 5 nights
   Rocky Creek Park, Lake Somerville - Site 145
   *Wilson H. Fox Park, Granger Lake - Site 26

Private Parks

Good Sam: 5 parks - 9 stays - 20 nights
   *Bandera Crossing Riverfront RV Park, Bandera - Site 38
   *Jamaica Beach RV Resort, Jamaica Beach (Galveston) - Site 32
   Pioneer RV Resort, Bandera - Sites 133 and 147 (2x each)
   *Redbud Ranch RV Resort, Hutto - Site 305 (2x)
   *Texas RV Park, Hitchcock - Site 22

Others: 4 parks - 6 stays - 13 nights
    *Camp Riverview, Concan - Site CP6
    Guadalupe River RV Park & Campground - Site 34 
       They do have Good Sam discounts, but ask about Anhalt event discounts if you're attending those
    *Splashway Waterpark, Sheridan - Site C1
    The Western RV Park, Navasota - Sites 34, 35, 36

State Parks

3 parks - 6 stays - 8 nights
   *Bastrop State Park, Bastrop - Site 24    
   Lake Somerville State Park, Birch Creek Unit, Somerville - Sites 3, 27, 71, 73 
   *McKinney Falls State Park, Austin - Site 80 

Lake Somerville is less than 30 minutes from home and is home to 6 or more parks - Private, COE and State. This is a good place for "Let's see if there's a spot open". Don't forget to ask about "Walk Up" sites. Even if everything is booked, there may still be spots available when you just HAVE to get away. I love being able to use the Texas State Parks Pass for free daily entry fees, discounts on camping and supplies in the park stores, etc. 

🛣️ Distance

4573.9 miles
9.56 average MPG

In January, Matilda Mae got new shoes so 4372.8 of those are on the new tires. I am only including towing miles for the camper itself, so this does not include truck travel to side trips, sight seeing or heading to the dances...

💲 Costs

$2125.16 (Saved $215.38 using discount memberships)
     Which averages $45.22 per night
$3.565 average price per gallon
$1755.13 for total gas costs
$3880.29 total
     Which averages $82.56 average per night

If I was staying in motels, the cost per night probably would have been more, but my gas mileage would have about doubled in most cases. BUT...there's something to having your own stuff in your own space. Your own food, utensils, sporting equipment, etc. You KNOW who has slept in the bed and when the last time the sheets were changed. Bless your heart! I think God will give you a special crown in Heaven for changing out RV sheets! 

If you're like me, you have the "camping" wardrobe that mostly stays in the RV along with the RV supplies in the bathroom, so there's usually less packing to do. Most hotels don't allow or have facilities for building a campfire either. 

If I'm not able to be out camping, It's definitely on my mind. 

I love camping with my group of friends. We like hitting Texas dancehalls and honky tonks and collectively we make a mighty hearty "brunch" and a pretty awesome BYOSteak night. They have been awesome at helping me set up and tear down when I'm not feeling 100%. Caravanning with them makes me feel much better. I'm like the baby sister that everyone checks on to make sure I'm safe. 

Check out my Camping page for a map of my adventures and more 

I have also hosted 7 Boondockers Welcome guests at my home place on the farm in 2022. For the commercial side, like breweries, farms, museums, golf courses and more, check out Harvest Hosts. Use my link to get 15% off your annual membership fee. 

😢 Sad Announcement 😢

Sadly, at the time of this post, I have to announce that my precious Pepper has been hit and killed on the road at the end of my driveway (and left lying there) this week. She was an AWESOME travel partner and I couldn't have asked better of a rescue dog! Our time together was short, but it was packed with love and quite a few adventures (even beyond the camping listed here). Future trips will be a little more lonely and the trails will feel empty. Yeah...the hits just keep coming. 😭

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It might buy me a beer on my next trip. Thanks!