Spontaneous Adventure

Friday night dipped below freezing. Saturday was sunny, no rain in the forecast. So...I made a camping reservation at 12:30, ate a quick bite, threw clothes in a bag, loaded a few groceries and some firewood, hitched up Matilda Mae, drove just over 20 minutes, checked in and was backed into my spot by 2:11. Hot dang!  

Birch Creek Unit, Lake Somerville State Park

14222 PR 57, Somerville, Texas, USA 77879
Burleson County

Type of Park: State
Check In:  2p   Check Out: 12p

Dates: 1/22-23/2022
Length of Stay: 1 Night

πŸ’² Cost per night $25
Discounts: Texas State Parks Pass
Total Cost $20

πŸ“ Site #69 Notes: Old Hickory area

  • Back In
  • Water - Faucet at a nice height
  • Max amp: 50
  • Fire Ring w/Grate
  • Picnic Table: wood with metal legs, concrete base
  • Site Pad: level, asphalt, long enough for truck and camper - separated

πŸ‘πŸ» Pros:

• Private, surrounded by vegetation
• Blocked the wind - good for winter camping
• Large site in the back
• Next to the Lake Trail

πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Cons:

• No direct view of the lake
• No sewer hookups (but none in the park are FHU)

πŸ“ Park Notes: 

• Restrooms
• Showers
• Dump Station 
• Munzees and Geocaches in the Park
• Trails
• Water access
• Use your Texas State Parks Pass to waive daily fees, get a discount on camping and items in the park store
• ❗ Note: Daily entrance fees have gone up to $5/person/day

🦌 Wildlife:

• Birds: Cardinals, Catbirds
• Deer

πŸ’œ Highlights of this trip:

• Parents came out for steak night πŸ₯©
• Campfire breakfast 🍳
• Walked the trails 🚢🏻‍♀️
• Drove around by the boat ramp and day use area, saw deer 🦌

Tip: I recently got a couple of these collapsible buckets. I had drained the hot water heater and all the lines recently because we were going to have a freeze. I hooked up the water at the park, opened the faucets and filled the bucket while getting the air out of the lines and making sure everything was flushed. I left the bucket sitting outside and used it to douse the fire later that night. I didn't have sewer connections, so I don't like putting extra water in the grey tank for no reason. You can also collect water in the shower while you're waiting for the hot water to come through. 

Since I used the dump station and drained all the tanks, I filled the bucket while the black tank was draining. I closed the valve and let the grey tank go. I took the bucket inside and dumped it in the toilet with the odor control. Ready for the next outing and I didn't hold up the line!

And since they're collapsible, they squash down to just a couple inches, so I can easily store them. 

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  1. Love seeing your camping adventures! So cool that you were in your spot in less than 2 hours!


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