2021 Camping Review

I had a pretty decent camping adventures listing for 2021 with Matilda Mae. I camped solo sometimes, with a group of friends sometimes and I even camped with strangers who are no longer strange…well at least I know them now. 🀣 Some outings were just for camping, others were in order to hit the dances and holiday events. 

I like the "campgrounds" more than just "RV parks" (parking lots), but the campgrounds don't always have full hookups. I enjoy having trees and plenty of space between sites with a little privacy. I don't like having RVs stacked up side-by-side like sardines. My favorite place to visit so far is the Texas Hill Country. 

There are blog posts for most of these trips as well as videos on YouTube. Check out my Camping page for more info and a map of adventures and some of the places I have found and loved along the way. 

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Here's the 2021 recap:


25 Adventures 

Some outings were strung together - one campground to the next in the same "trip". Not bad for someone that works full-time (and not remote),

49 Nights


COE Parks - 5 nights

Private Parks - 31 nights

*Good Sam membership used at some

State Parks - 8 nights

I should have renewed my Texas State Parks Pass at the beginning of the year! I was without it until December. 

Boondockers Welcome - 5 nights

Est. $25/night, $35 for Full Hookups. I would like to try a few more of these when they are available. Since I'm also a host, next year's membership will be FREE. I started my membership in May. Since the sites are combined now, I did not add the Harvest Host membership this year, but it's an option. If you're interested, use this link to get 15% off your membership. 

  • 2 sites - sites not listed due to membership requirements

🚘 Distance
This is just miles towing the camper, not including side trips

2420 Miles

9.84 Average MPG with my 1/2 ton Chevy Silverado (2-wheel drive)


πŸ’² Costs

$1470.74 total spent for stays

$251.10 Savings - $132.85 after membership costs

$30.02 average per night <--Missed my goal by 2¢!

With my Texas State Parks Pass, I get a discount on anything in the park stores. These discounts are not included in my savings, so those are just extra bonuses. 

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