Let's Make a Map

I have been wanting to do a video training session on how to make a customized map using Google Maps. My allergies have hit me hard as they usually do at the onset of Fall and I haven't had the energy or the voice to do this earlier. I finally sat down and recorded the training and then I edited out all of the coughing and throat clearing for your viewing comfort. 

Google Maps is a great tool, but using the "Saved" lists does not allow for much customization on the map. With My Google Maps, you can customize it to your little heart's content.  Add up to 10 layers and each layer can have a couple thousand points, but I won't show you that many!

Learn how to add custom icons on a map, turn layers on and off, share with friends and family and embed a map on your website. Add photos and videos to your markers. Add custom fields. Use map data in Excel or OneNote. 

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If you're on a mobile device and don't see the video above, click https://youtu.be/fWx0CQAikG4

🗺 To see the map we made in the video, click here. Click the Camping tab above to see the interactive Camping Adventures map embedded on my website as shown in the video.