Camping at Yegua Creek Park

This is another COE park on the south side of Lake Somerville. The sites are closer together than Rocky Creek Park. The west loop was less populated than the main area and there were a couple sites that were not filled. The sites here are staggered so that each site has a view of the lake. This park is dominated by Post Oaks where Rocky Creek had the Cedar Elms with the beautiful Spanish Moss. My neighbors were friendly and had good taste in music. The deer came out in early afternoon and in the morning. There was a nice breeze blowing all weekend. I had a couple visitors, but most of my time was too myself. It was a great time to decompress. 

📢 I'm going to emphasize: It is YOUR responsibility to pick up YOUR trash and that of your minor children!!! DO NOT leave trash and cigarette butts on the ground or in the fire ring. The fire ring is not a trash receptacle. I think I picked up more than 2 packs of cigarette butts from this site. 😡 

Leave the site how you would like to find it when you come into a site! 

Yegua Creek Park - Lake Somerville
Yegua Creek Park Rd, Somerville, TX 77879

Aug 6-8, 2021 - 2 Nights

Type of Park: COE
Check In: 3p    Check Out: 2p

⛺ Site #12 - Back-In

💲28 per night (would be half that with the Senior or Access Pass)

• Water
• 20/30/50 amp
• Grill on a swivel so you can turn it in high winds
• Fire Ring with flip-over grate
• Metal mesh Picnic Table. 
• Site Pad: Crushed Granite and level. Very long site with extra room after the pad site

👍🏻 Pros:

• Nice view of the water toward Welch Park and the dam
• You can get a good view of the sunset and sunrise
• Close to the restrooms/shower 
• Wide view of the lake as it curves around the campground
• Shade, but open areas so breeze can come through
• Grill is in good shape and is on a swivel so you can turn it away from winds (but I did all my cooking on the fire ring)

👎🏻 Cons:

• No sewer hookups
• Table is in full sun in early-mid afternoon, but not for long. A canopy would help or move the table to the shade.

📝 Park Notes: 

• Gates closed and locked from 10p to 6a (can get out, but not back in)
• Dump Station
• Restrooms / Bath House (but had LOTS of tiny dead bugs piled up)
• Most of this campground has a barrier wall, so only limited spots where you can access the water. One place in this loop and a bigger area (but busy) section on the other side of the main loop. 
• Beware of sticker burrs in grassy area behind restrooms
• There are Munzees and Geocaches here and in the area
• You can use your America the Beautiful Access Passes here. They sell them at the main entrance booth, but they were out of the Annual Passes. 

Good sites

12 and 13 have good shade and are big sites, 6 (has a cover over the table but may not be completely shaded). 
1 has a great view of the lake because it is from the other side and the front door faces the lake, but for longer RVs, it may be unlevel. 2 is a maybe - some shade, some sun. The rest on this loop have too much sun. 

24 is still a good site on the other loop where I stayed before. 20 might be ok, but headlights might hit it directly. 23 is ok. Most of the ones in the middle would have shade all day. 

🐦 Wildlife:

• Birds: Cardinals (not afraid to hang out on my site), Mockingbirds, Herons, Cranes, Shore birds, LBJ's (little brown jobbers), Chickadees
• Deer

Got to the site and backed it in all in one step. I wiggled a little, but didn't have to pull up to correct. The sites here are closer together than Rocky Creek and the trees are mostly Post Oak instead of the Cedar Elm and they don’t have the pretty Spanish Moss. There is some Ball Moss though, which is not good for the trees. Site #12 is a good spot. It's an Aggie thing! The site is long. I pulled up just a bit from the camper and there's still room for another vehicle in front of mine. My neighbors were nice and had good taste in music-thankfully. They invited me to have tacos with them and chat. The deer came up close. We walked around the loop and down to the water and watched the sunset, then parted ways so we could have our alone time. 

Neighbors came in late on the other side and set up a tent. With the light inside the tent and various sites with blue or colored lights, it looked festive on this loop. A couple sites had fires going, but I didn't make one  this night. The frogs and the crickets put on quite a concert. Mosquitoes were not bad at all, but I did put out a fly trap for the weekend. I saw a hummingbird, so I should have brought a feeder.

I woke early as usual and walked outside. 
There was a light layer of fog this morning and it was cool to see a few deer out in it. There was a heavy dew overnight and the wood by the fire ring was damp. Took forever to get it gong, but I made my coffee and then made breakfast. Toast, bacon, eggs and hot water for grits - all over the fire. M-M-M! I'll be good for a while! Quite a few boats were out. Sat outside for a while and talked to my brother on the phone and enjoying the view. I put out a physical Munzee. Went to go find a nearby geocache, but it appears to be missing. Talked to the owner and she confirmed the container and location and it is indeed missing. She will replace ASAP.  Went to Wild Bill's and got a crispy chicken sandwich and the hand-cut fries. They are so good! 

Came back to the site to eat. Got a little rain shower - just enough to send me inside, but it didn't last long. Mama came out in the afternoon and we went over to Wild Bill's to get pints of Blue Bell ice cream. We walked to the water and just enjoyed a nice visit. 

She left after a while and I made a fire so I could make my steak for supper. It turned out perfect! I even ate on real plates and had wine with the meal. Sat out looking at the fire and the stars and enjoying the breeze for a while. Is this really Texas in August? 

Got up and made a fire to make coffee. I had separated the logs and doused the fire before going to bed, but there was enough heat left to have a few coals, so I didn't need any starter. Made bacon and then used the pan to make pancakes. The batter was thin so the pancakes were flat, but they tasted ok. My brother came out after I had done the dishes from the weekend. He brought his dog and we took a nice walk around the park. There appears to be new floating docks and walkways on the boat ramp on the west side of the park, so maybe it'll be open and functioning soon. I talked to a couple of the neighbors as they were packing up. He left and I started packing my camper and checking the site for trash. I watched for a time when no one was at the dump station and I headed out. fly trap was FULL of flies so it did work! It helped draw the flies away from the table.

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