My First Boondockers

 I recently signed up as a guest and host on the Boondockers Welcome site. For hosting, it's like you are a mini RV park and you offer a place for someone to camp for up to 5 nights (host's choice). It started as a full boondockers site where the RVer would be totally self-contained, but several hosts offer some hookups.  At my site, I offer a 30-amp hookup and water if needed. I am on the farm and there are several things to do in this area. This is NativTxn's Blackland Prairie. #ThisIsBoondockersWelcome

I got a request a week or so ago from a couple that would be going to an event and I was a good halfway stop. This was the first place they had tried to stay through the program, so we were both Boondockers Welcome virgins so to speak. We had a little conversation on hookup needs, dates and such and I accepted the request. After confirming the height of their rig, I gave them directions from where they were coming, which included a single-lane bridge just over 11' high. 

Joe & Julie (they gave me permission to use their name and photo) arrived about the time they said they would and got their rig set up and had to leave quickly to get to their event for the evening. By the time they returned, I was already in the night, so I left them to their own. 

I tend to be an early riser, so I got up and made my coffee and went out to the porch and to walk around the yard like I normally do and they were up too. We had a nice visit over coffee and I gave them a few options of things to see on their route home. They said they enjoyed the stars and the sound of all the frogs when they came in and all the birds in the morning. Timing was good for this stay. As my first guests, I wanted to give them something extra and we had just picked, cleaned and packaged some sweet corn this past week right from the field so I gave them a package to take home. I also mentioned the beautiful patch of sunflowers in full bloom in the area. It's a great photo op right now. 

Photograph them, but don't pick or trample them. This is a farmer's cash crop.

I had to clock into work and get my day started so I left them along to prep their rig for travel so they could head out on their adventure for the day. Julie was the first one to fill out one of the log sheets in my (hopefully-growing) collection. I enjoyed having them here and would gladly host them again. The driveway seems so empty now, but I'll put Matilda Mae back in her spot and wait for my next Boondocker coming in next week. This could be a fun adventure of meeting and greeting RVers and their rigs. Can't wait to make my first trip as a guest!


  1. That is so cool!! Looks like your first guests were good ones!

  2. Thank you for being a BW host! Hope to visit your beautiful property one day!


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