RVillage Has a New Look

I have been using RVillage lately as one of the go-to places for RVing info. It's a whole social network just for RVers - full part, part time, seasonal or wanna-be RVers. It's a great place for info, discounts and connecting with like-minded people. Find me there!

I just noticed that they have a new beta site and a new look. I like the way it looks. A little more modern and clean. Right now, it's only available to Gold level members. 

This is the current look of the website. 

This is the new view. 

The More link has the following info:

Search has moved to the top along with the Gold Membership info. RV Parks has it's own button now. Market Place is now split out to Businesses and RVillage Store. As you scroll down the pages, the menu bar "floats" at the top. Blogs appear very similar, but the new site has larger pictures and only a couple lines of "preview" of the posting. Creating a blog post on the new site seems to be missing some functions. Groups function pretty much the same as well. 


They now have a cover photo. Friends and Photos are shown on the side, more like a Facebook feel.



Posts now have multiple "Like" options and they are in color! Ooh...ahh! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’“πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’πŸ˜ 

If you don't like the new site, you have the option of going back to the old feel. 

There are more small differences and I'll be checking them out, but this was a "first glance" update.