Big Creek Marina & Campground

Campground: Big Creek Marina & Campground
Location: Lake Somerville (North side), Somerville, TX
Site: 86
Number of Nights: 2

This campground has only been re-opened for about 2 weeks following being closed for a couple of YEARS due to multiple floods. Some areas of the park are still closed and in need of repair, but it's on the mend. The "marina" is sitting on the boat ramp, but the ramp is open to boat traffic. This was the maiden voyage of my new camper! 

I camped alongside my friends Jimmy Joe & Donna and Nicole & Adam and their precious Addie. Jimmy came out to the house earlier in the afternoon to make sure I had the camper all hooked up correctly and everything was latched down properly. I towed it to the campground and took my time backing in since there was no one around and I think I did a pretty darn good job. I brought my trusty camping companion, Dixie, and she loves being in the camper.

We had the whole campground to ourselves as not many people know they are open again. We had reserved our spots, but were able to move around to get us more in a triangle than a straight line. They were able to bring out the Mule and we got to ride around all of Big Creek (except for parts that were still closed). We saw several deer and various birds including a Bald Eagle.

Nicole made breakfast Saturday morning and I made my first pot of coffee. Well sort of. It helps if you put the coffee in the filter. I had a nice pot of hot water. 🤦🏻‍♀️ But I fixed that and did have a good pot of coffee for my first morning out.

My brother came out to visit on Saturday and between him, his roommate and I, we got the backup camera connected and synced to the little monitor. It's not the greatest picture, but it gets the job done. I can see if there's something behind me and how far back I need to go.

Nick came out for the day on Saturday and brought his girls so they could play with Addie. They had great cousin-time. It was still pretty warm (yes, this IS Texas) and we were able to swim for a bit while the guys fished on the shore.

Saturday night was steak night. Everybody brought their own and man, did we get our beef on! M-M-M! 🥩 Yes, Jimmy, you are a championship steak griller. We brought out my cornhole boards and it was guys against gals. Donna and I held our own and the game lasted for a good long while.

A nice breeze came in late Saturday night and it was nice sitting out for a while without the mosquitoes bothering us too bad. Too bad it didn't show up Friday night instead.

I got up and went to church Sunday morning so I could run the PowerPoint and then I headed straight back out to Big Creek. A little more swimming, fishing and riding around with the littles and then we started packing up our respective campers. I have a few "Note to Self" items to add for my next trip.

Robert came back from Bandera and helped me hook up everything up and make sure my take-down checklist was all accomplished and then showed me how to do everything at the dump station. Not exactly the highlight of the trip, but it's so nice to have a bathroom in the camper and not have to traipse out in the middle of the night when your bladder decides it's time for a walk. Thank the Good Lord for the good friends I have! 😊 This would not be near as fun without them!

It was a great weekend with good friends. The camper worked out well and towed nicely. That weight distributing hitch grinds loudly, but that's it's purpose. I just have to get used to it.


  • 🏕 Camping, duh!
  • 🥩 Steak night & good breakfast
  • Cornhole - Donna & I held our own
  • 👙 Swimming
  • 🎣 Fishing
  • Relaxing
  • Riding around on the Mule
  • 🕶 Wildlife viewing:
    • Deer
    • Osprey
    • Herons
    • Eagle


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