I recently got a new Rocketbook Everlast notebook and I'm testing it out in various configurations. What is a Rocketbook? Well, it's a reusable notebook. Write, Rinse, Repeat...
I can only describe the pages as feeling like thick magazine paper. It's like regular paper, but slick. Each of the 36 pages in the Executive size notebook that I have has a very light dot-grid pattern inside a black page border, a QR code in the bottom corner and very light symbols at the bottom.  The symbols can be assigned by you to send to email(s) of your choice; specific locations in OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox; specific sections in OneNote and a few other choices.

The pages are designed to work with Frixion branded pens and highlighters. These erasable pens feature an eraser on the end (but do NOT use the eraser on the Rocketbook pages). Write or draw on the pages. Mark the symbols as desired. Take a picture with the app, hit Next, then Send. That's it. When you're done, use a lightly damp cloth (or lightly spray with water in a spray bottle) to wipe the ink off. Dry completely and it's ready for it's next use.

πŸ“š If you're a student or someone who takes frequent notes, you don't have to carry separate notebooks anymore. Take your notes for a session, scan, wipe clean and move to the next class. It's a lot lighter to carry around and the notebooks come in 3 sizes from a memo pad to a letter size. Try setting up the symbol destinations to go to separate sections in your OneNote notebooks or file storage areas for each class.

πŸ““ Do you keep a bullet journal? Do you have lots of notebooks taking up shelf space? Write our your journal pages for the day, week or month and scan them to a digital format. Wipe clean and start over. Make a mistake, just wipe it and it's gone. Try doing that on regular paper.

My bad on the images above. Use double # marks to automatically create a title for the file, message, page, etc.  IE. ##Page Title##

In the image above, you can see comparisons of two different color modes in the Rocketbook app. The smaller images were just pictures taken directly in OneNote using the Document and Whiteboard settings on Office Lens. If it's not in a brightly lit area, Office Lens images tends to turn out yellowed-out for me a lot of times. Rocketbook scans will not show the marks or QR code at the bottom.

πŸ–Š As many of you know, I'm a OneNote fanatic. Why not just use a stylus to write directly in OneNote? Well, sometimes, I like the feel of pen and paper. I know, crazy, right? Taking notes in the Rocketbook doesn't require an active wifi connection or a fully-charged mobile device. I can see it well if I'm sitting outside in direct sunlight. I can write on it on a plane. I can write on a train... I should probably not write in the rain.

If I'm doing a lot of writing on a tablet or other mobile device, sometimes the inking doesn't work well if my hand is touching the screen at the same time. By marking the symbols on the Rocketbook page, I can send a single scan to multiple locations at once. No need to copy and paste.

Here's some tips for you:

The Rocketbooks usually come with a cloth and a Frixion pen to get you started. You can lightly dampen one part of the cloth and use the other part to dry or keep two cloths - one damp in a plastic baggie, one dry - to clean the pages.

Are you left-handed? Just flip it over and start from the back.

If you want to dedicate a Rocketbook page to a specific template (like a calendar grid), you can draw it out with a Sharpie and let it dry completely before using the Frixion pens to write in the temporary ink.

Frixion ink may disappear at temperatures over 140°F. If it's August in Texas, don't leave the notebook in your truck (or car)! Good news if you forget though. Put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes and it'll reappear. Kind of like secret messages, huh?

Do not microwave the Everlast notebook.

Want to get your own Rocketbook?

Click here to get started. 

There are other notebooks and accessories available as well. The Wave notebook lets you microwave the whole notebook to wipe all the pages at once. The Fusion has pre-designed templates built right in. The Color notebook lets you use dry erase markers. There's even some Beacons, 4 corners that you can place on a whiteboard to turn it into a Rocketbook page.

Write on yours and tell me what you think or if you have tips to share. Send me the scan.