Plan With Me Digitally

It's been a good while since I did a Plan With Me video and this is the first time planning digitally, so be kind.  I have been using OneNote 2016 for most of my planning lately and I change the layouts and designs almost weekly. I really liked my Happy Planner, but it was cumbersome to carry around. I also didn't like buying new stickers or taking the time to print and trim them out. With my digital planning, I'm not stuck to specific layout for 12 (or more) months at a time. Freedom!

This video is on a weekly Spring layout utilizing a table and other elements in OneNote. I love this program, but for designs like this, you will have to work around some of the limitations. 

Images used were purchased from shops on Etsy. Jessica Sawyer LOL JSdigitalpaper PhantasiaDesign TheDigiRainbow Treveladesign I highly recommend OneTastic add-in for OneNote. Check out Michele Christensen's Facebook group for more design ideas : OneNote Bullet Journal.