Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications

I started off my day yesterday headed to Austin (almost 2 hours away) with the plan to take the last of my 2013 MOS exams at 10 am - the Expert Word Part 2 and also to start the 2016 exams with Outlook.  I was less than 20 miles from the testing center when I got a call that Certiport had done some updates and nothing was working right. I wasn't wanting to turn around empty-handed, so I went to do some Munzeeing up in Pflugerville. After a while, I got the call that they had it back up and running, so I headed back to their office only to find out they had loaded the Part 1 exam info, not Part 2.

I went ahead and took the Outlook exam while they downloaded the correct exam for the 2013 version.  I scored a 973 out of 1000.  That's not bad at all considering I barely studied for this one.

After a quick break, I sat down to take the Word exam. We logged in, entered my voucher info, went through the instructions and tutorial, read the first question and went to click on the ribbon to start the first task and BAM...a popup showed up stating that the "Subscription had expired" and all the ribbon buttons were greyed out. Timer was still ticking.  After 30 minutes or so, it was evident it wasn't going to be fixed right away, so I left to get lunch. It was still not up and running by the time I was done, so a little after 2 pm, I started working my way home. I only have 7 days to make the trip back to Austin to be able to use the voucher that is "In Progress".

They day wasn't a total loss, but it sure was frustrating. In addition to the Outlook exam, I did get over 8000 points on Munzee and I stopped by Buc-ee's in Bastrop on the way home to get Dippin' Dots.

I sure miss having a Certiport testing facility in Bryan/College Station!