New Year's Resolutions

Yes, it's that time of year when some of us make our New Year's Resolutions and have visions of grandeur and bettering ourselves for the coming year.  Some of them stick, but unfortunately many don't make it through the month, let alone the entire year.

But the year starts again and we get another shot, so here's my list for 2016:

  • Pray more, worry less - this is the most important
  • Be consistent in using Cuticle Oil for better nail health
  • Use less disposable products and keep a lot of junk out of the landfills
    • Less paper plates, water bottles, etc.
  • Be a better "Domestic Engineer" a better job of cleaning my house
  • Pay off one more credit card bill
  • And after all the Holiday eating, I really need to lose about 15 pounds
We'll see how it goes, but I feel hopeful.