Walking For Fun and Fitness

A little over a week ago, we started our Walk Across Texas program.  A group of 8 of us from work have started up our team again. We will be keeping track of our walking (and other exercise) and competing against quite a few other teams from Brazos County. This is an 8-week program to try to get us in the habit of exercising more.

Just a few days before the WAT started, I found a website called Walking4Fun.com which is owned by a letterboxer and hiker. You need a pedometer to keep track of your steps that you make each day. This is free site to use.  Each day, you enter the total number of steps you made. You also set it up with your stride length (length between left and right steps as you walk). It then calculates the number of miles you walked for that day.  There are a few trails to pick from.

As you walk, you will see maps and pictures that tell/show you where you are along the trail you have chosen.  It's fun to see my progress and see the images as if I were actually on the trail with friends.  You can add friends to see how far they are walking and to see where you each are along the trail. Just in the last few days, Badges have been added to the site for even more fun and goal accomplishment.  I seem to add quite a few steps on the weekends when I am out letterboxing or geocaching.

I started off with a cheap pedometer that I already had, but it kept falling off my waist and didn't always count the steps correctly. I got the pedometer that was listed on the site and it's been great. It even has a 7-day memory on it in case I forget to log it each night. Also, it resets itself to 0 each night at midnight.  I don't have to worry about forgetting to set it myself.  It has a "Trip" feature so I can count the number of steps that it takes me to get to/from geocaches for a study that I'm doing through the Texas A&M Health Science Center. You can order this little pedometer right from the site above if you're interested and there is a good user's guide right there as well.

Walking4Fun Trail Badge

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