Learn OneNote Conference 2018 Kicks Off

The Learn OneNote Conference officially starts today. I'm so excited to be a part of this 3rd Annual event!  If you haven't signed up for your free ticket, you can do so at https://learnonconference.com/?affiliate=denisev and be able to catch all the sessions as they go live and watch them as many times as you want through Monday, November 19 at 11 am CST. If you want a lifetime All-Access Pass to the 35+ sessions, you can get individual or group passes. More info when you register.

Follow along on your favorite Social Media sites (especially Twitter) with the #LONC18. Share, tweet, post your "Ah-hah" moments with us by using the hashtag.

Follow all of the speakers with Jared DeCamp's list on Twitter.

As if you had any doubts, I'll be keeping track of the sessions, speakers and my notes in OneNote.

Learn OneNote Conference 2018

I am so excited to announce that I will be one of the presenters at this year's Learn OneNote Conference in November! Join me and over 30 other experts in this arena to learn more about OneNote than you ever thought possible. Get ideas, inspiration and practical info for working efficiently and tailoring your notebook to your own personal needs. We will have sessions for the beginner all the way through those who are highly versed in using this free software at top performance.

💻 This is an ONLINE virtual event. No delayed flights, no room issues, no required dress code, no taxis or parking and no having to arrange for the kids or the pets. Join in from the office or the comfort of your own home.

For a limited time, you can register for #LONC18 for free!

**After registering, watch your screen for a very limited-time special offer **

📆 Join me on Tuesday, November 13 @ 2:00 PM CST | 3:00 PM EST | 12:00 PM PST for a session on Making Digital Planning Pretty. Learn tricks and features to design your planner pages with colorful inspiration with practical layouts. Copy something you see in this session or use your skills to improvise for your own custom planner. #onenoteprettypages

📆 Come back on Wednesday, November 14 @ 12:00 PM CST | 1:00 PM EST | 10:00 AM PST for Travel Planning with OneNote to learn how to manage your travel plans, itinerary, checklists, email confirmations, expense reports and more. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, you'll want OneNote for your plans. #onenotetravelplanning

📘 Attendees will receive a OneNote notebook from me with all the info, templates and techniques used in both of my sessions.

This conference is hosted by Jared De Camp

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IAAP Summit 2018

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the IAAP Summit in Austin, Texas this year. The event this year was close enough for me to drive to it and I was able to hook up with a few local friends outside of the conference, which was nice as well. As always, the last few days were filled with inspiration, motivation and a wealth of knowledge...and a few million bats. 🦇

For those of us with the premium package, the conference began on Saturday and I selected the sessions by Vickie Sokol Evans, MCT and owner of Redcape Company. I have been attending her sessions, boot camps and webinars for several years now and I always learn something. She's my main inspiration for me attempting to get the MCT for myself. I'm glad I was able to go throughout the room and assist with some of the hands-on parts of her sessions as needed since the classrooms are rather large. I enjoy being able to teach others, even in a tiny capacity.

🎸 Later that night, I was able to get down to Kyle to The Railhouse to see a local band play and also catch up with an old co-worker that lives nearby. My friend, Ray, is a great guitar player/singer and even played for the opening band. Check out the Wyatt Weaver Band in person if you're around the south Austin area or catch them on Spotify.

🌎 The main part of the conference commenced on Sunday with the opening session which began with the parade of nations. 48 countries were represented by around 1200 attendees this year. It was truly a world-class event. The keynote speaker was Colette Carlson. Over the next couple of days, I attended several sessions and learned a LOT. Now, if my brain can just contain it all. If not, there's always my notes in #OneNote.

🎙 Ed Talks were 10-minute mini-messages from multiple presenters. Vickie Sokol Evans spoke on digital etiquette, Bonnie Low-Kramen explained how women can shut off the default behaviors. Sandy Geroux talked about our emotional log and Tom Vorves ended the talk with ways to automate our everyday tasks.

I got to learn from the following speakers over the course of the Summit: Madelyn Mackie, Tom Vorves, Lucy Brazier, Al-Husein Madhany, Melissa Esquibel, Sandy Geroux, Peggy Vasquez, Veronica Cochran and Neil Malek. Such a wealth of knowledge in one location! I've already been implementing several of the take-aways at my office. 📚

MANY thanks to Vickie for inviting me to dinner on Sunday night with most of these speakers. It was a special treat and I felt like I was dining with royalty. Mexican food and good conversation is hard to beat. 🌮

🍮 The networking lunch and closing celebration meals were high-class. We closed out the event with a grand celebration and lots of dancing. 💃 Summit is always a good place to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. I enjoyed seeing my Austin peeps again. It was good to see Wildali Perez from Puerto Rico again this year (especially after the hurricane) and to meet and Diana Brandl from Germany. Fun times, ladies!

📸 See some more of my photos from the week at https://photos.app.goo.gl/VQEnvpxKq1p1Qtma6

🙇 The morning after the Summit, I went by Tactix of Austin to take another Microsoft Office Specialist exam. I took the PowerPoint 2016 exam and passed it. It was the 3rd of 4 exams that I need for the MOS Master level in 2016. After all the info at the conference and the stress of exams, I was ready to get home and take a nap.

Next year, the Summit will be held at the Gaylord in National Harbor, MD.

Import Google Calendar to OneNote for Digital Planning

Using a couple of "helper" apps, such as PrintMyCal.com and Microsoft Word, you can take your Google Calendar and import it to OneNote to create a monthly layout for digital planning. Follow along and learn a few tips and tricks along the way. Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel to be notified of new videos.

Video notes:
Check out Michele Christensen's Facebook group for more design ideas : OneNote Bullet Journal

OneTastic add-in for OneNote 2016  

Gem add-in for OneNote (I use the UWP version)

Freestyle Digital Planning with OneNote

I have made several digital layouts that have mimicked paper planners and are somewhat structured in nature. But with digital planning in OneNote, it can be as free-flowing as your thoughts. List out bills, tasks, reminders and appointments in a block or break them out with a separate To Do list. Create an area for a brain dump. Have a thought?  Write or type it out depending on what device you are closest to when the thought hits. Give it all a pretty background instead of just a flat white sheet of "paper".

Watch my latest video for some layout tips and tricks. Give it a 👍 and subscribe to my channel to be alerted when I post new videos.

Learn OneNote Conference 2018 Kicks Off

The Learn OneNote Conference officially starts today. I'm so excited to be a part of this 3rd Annual event!  If you haven't signed u...